A television camera focuses on the Netflix Inc. company logo in this arranged photograph in London, U.K.,
A television camera focuses on the Netflix Inc. company logo in this arranged photograph in London, U.K.

Ever imagined of getting a chance to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies with uninterrupted streaming. You can get this opportunity only on Netflix. It is an entertainment company of America which provides with the best entertainment bundles. Online video streaming, video on demand and DVD by mail.

Initially, Netflix started as the DVD provider on sale and on rental bases. But later when internet took over the world it started the online streaming of shows and movies. It has a very wide range of TV shows and movies of different genres, industries and languages. It has all that you are searching for. If you have an internet connection you can access Netflix on your TVs, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops etc.

Its service started first in USA, then after few years the service was available in Canada and now Netflix service is available in various parts of the world and is running successfully around the globe. In few years now Netflix has also set its ground in production. And now it is doing great in producing TV series and movies. Netflix is a full fledge entertainment buster for people age above 18.


Get the chance to avail free Netflix account

No one would want to miss the offer of free Netflix account that works. To avail this one has to register for the Netflix account. On registration, you get a free one-month trial package on which you can use it unlimitedly. On registration, you have to enter the details that are requested from you. In the details, you are even asked for the credit card number to complete the registration process. And upon that you are given the free month trial package. After the trial period of a month completes the paid subscription starts on your chosen plans on the time of registration. If you want to avoid the subscription after the free trial period so you may cancel the subscription from the official Netflix site. The advantage of cancelation is that you won’t be charged for the paid plan by your credit or debit card.

To again avail the one-month free trial bundle, you can again register for the Netflix account but with different credit or debit card number and email address. This way you can enjoy the free Netflix account for a month.


Free Netflix Account ID and passwords

Now you can get free Netflix account ID and passcodes. But for that you have to do few things. Before we talk about the procedure to it; let me just mention the pre-requisites that are to be kept in mind. Grab your nearest gadget (laptop, tablet, smart phone, and pc), make sure it is sufficiently charged and has a good and efficient internet connection. If all these things are fulfilled now you may start with the procedure to get free Netflix account ID and passcode.

The procedure is simple. Open the official Netflix website on the internet browser. There you will find an option to ‘Join free for the month’, click that option. It will lead you to the next page where you’ll find an option to look at the monthly plans that Netflix offers. There are three kinds of plans; basic, standard and premium. The HD and Ultra HD quality is not available on all content but it also depends on the internet connectivity and capability of the device on which you are watching.

After choosing your plan click the next button, on the next page you have to sign up entering your email address and password for your account. After entering the details click continue button to almost complete the process. On the next page, you have to enter the credit card or debit card number for the payment on your chosen plan after the expiration of the free trial version of the month. You can even cancel the subscription after the free month trial version. This is how you get the free Netflix account ID and passcode.

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Alternates to Netflix

If Netflix doesn’t seem suitable to you in any terms but still you want to watch online streaming of your favorite shows and movies, then we have got your back. No one wants the entertainment to stop; and even do not want this to happen with you. So below is the list of the alternatives other than Netflix.

  1. Vudu
  2. Blockbuster Video
  3. Redbox
  4. Amazon Instant Video
  5. Hulu Plus
  6. Google Play
  7. SlingTV
  8. iTunes Video
  9. YouTube

You can visit either of these sites to continue with your entertainment. These all are online video streaming site where you can find anything you want.

Guideline to use Netflix in Asia

Netflix was launched in Asia by the end of the last year; and the people got crazy over it. As there is a huge audience of American TV shows and movies in Asia. Getting all at one place was not less than a blessing for them. As before they used wait for days to watch their favorite show’s episodes’ or download it illegally. Netflix realized about the great audience they can capture by their launch in Asia.

The guideline to use Netflix in Asia is simple. To sign up at first one has to browse the Netflix official page. There you click on the free trial version of the month. This will take you to the monthly plans that it offers. The plans are basic, standard and premium.

The Basic monthly plan is of US $7.99 per month. In this they offer 1 screen to watch at a time, unlimited movies and TV shows, you get an option to cancel at any time and get a month free trial. The Standard monthly plan is of US $9.99 per month. In this package they offer HD quality, 2 screens to watch at the same time, unlimited TV shows and movies, option to cancel at any time and one month free trial version. The Premium monthly plan is of US $11.99 per month. It offers HD and ultra HD quality, 4 screens to watch at the same time, unlimited movies and TV shows, option to cancel at any time and a free one month trial version.

From all these plans you can select any one according to your feasibility and continue to complete the sign up process. On the next page enter you email and password. Then click continue, this will lead you to the page where you have to enter your credit or debit card number to complete the login process. Now you can use the unlimited one month free trial version. Search for the TV shows and movies you want, just Play and Watch whatever you desire for.

Free Netflix Account Generator

If you are not at all interested to invest any penny in Netflix and still want to use it, then first of all you all are little devils. Good news for you all is that there are online sites that have got your back. There are several websites online that generate free Netflix accounts and give away its usernames and passwords to people for free use of it. It is now a huge business that people generate these accounts and give it to people.

These accounts are generated monthly as the trial version for Netflix is only free for a month. But people does not have credit card or debit card numbers to again and again make a free trial version account. So these companies online make several accounts with various different credit and debit card numbers and give away the account details. The option of the Netflix to cancel for the subscription after the expiry of the free trial version has made it easy for people to keep on making the free accounts, and since then it became the business for sites of generating the free Netflix Accounts.

Get the Free Netflix Premium Account

Getting a free Netflix Premium Account is simple and same as all other accounts login at Netflix. Follow the same procedure as mentioned above several times in the article before. By doing so you will get the free one month trial version in which you can enjoy the unlimited TV shows and movies streaming online. And I hope and I am sure that after the one month trial version of amazing service of Netflix you will be pretty much convinced to spend money on the plans that it offers and access it in a legal way.

Here we also suggest you to use the right and legal way, and avoid piracy as it is against the law. This will even protect you from online hackers or viruses r other things that might hurt you in any way. So we recommend to choose the right legal way. Rest is your choice.