Why the Ford Ranger is Australia’s Top Compact Pickup Truck

The Ford Ranger is an excellent compact pickup truck that has remained a favourite of many Australians over the year. The newest variant comes with excellent safety and phone integration. The Ranger 4WDs are extremely capable off-road and provide you with the ideal rugged performance you crave.

It has a good tow rating and features comfortable seats and easy-to-use features. The best part about the Ford Ranger is that this truck does everything extremely well, which is part of the reason why it remains at the top of the compact pickup truck class in Australia.

If you have been wondering whether the 2021 Ford Ranger is the pickup truck for you, this review is for you. We will share all the best details in our Ford Ranger review right here.


Production  2011 – Present
Models 2011 – Present
Type Petrol/Diesel
Price A$29,190 – A$77,190
Engine 2.0/3.2-liter engine
Fuel Capacity 21.14 gallons (80 litres)
Mileage Hwy/City 18-26 kmpl/19-21 kmpl
Horsepower 270 hp
Displacement 2999 cc
0-60 mph 4.9 sec
Top Speed 170 kph

Our Ford Ranger Review

The Ford Ranger is an excellent pickup truck and has a powerful engine, gives great mileage, and handles extremely well over all terrains. The truck is a solid performer off-road and its hauling and towing capabilities ensure it remains the best-in-class. The interior of the Ford Ranger is where it scores a lot of points as you get comfortable seats and the SuperCrew model offers more rear space than others. You can also take advantage of the many user-friendly features.

The Ford Ranger boasts a turbocharged 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine that churns out 270 horsepower. It has a standard 10-speed automatic transmission and the engine offers rapid acceleration and great power for hauling or towing loads. The fuel economy of the Ford Ranger is where it scores highly as you get an excellent 21 kmpl in the city and 26 kmpl on the highway.

The sharp steering and poised handling of the Ranger make it more fun to drive than other pickup trucks and its suspension can easily soak up most road imperfections. Off-roading in the Ranger is fun as well, even though it can’t keep up with elite off-roaders in its class. The Ford Ranger can easily seat four people in its spacious cabin and there is plenty of room afforded in the front seats.

The interior of the Ford Ranger isn’t as modern or stylish as some of its competitors, but the material quality is still excellent. You won’t use it as an executive vehicle as there is a lot of hard plastic used in the interior. The standard infotainment features offered in the Ranger are paltry as you get a USB port, four speakers, Bluetooth, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can learn more about the complete list of features available in our Ford Ranger 2021 review and compare it with others on the site.


The Ford Ranger has remained as one of the top choices for Australians as far as compact pickup trucks go. Most people love the fact that is off-road capabilities and it offers decent specs in the interior. When you combine the exceptional fuel economy with a powerful engine you get an all-terrain performer that is hard to beat in its class. The affordable price range is another reason why so many people prefer the Ford Ranger 2021 today.