There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as riding off-road on an SSR dirt bike. While stock bikes are great, customizing one with decals, colors, and designs will take it to the next level. However, not all graphics kits are the same. There are many options available for professional and casual riders. Follow these six helpful tips to select the best kit.

Tip 1: Think Protection

Dirt bike enthusiasts have a reputation for taking their rides down rough, rugged terrains. Dings and scratches are par for the course. Anyone interested in an SSR dirt bike graphics kit should consider how it will protect their ride. The right kit will add a second layer of protection from the elements. Choose graphics printed on high-quality material, such as thick vinyl. UV-resistant decals will also stay vibrant even after years in direct sunlight.

Tip 2: Consider Installation

There are two ways to install dirt bike graphics: DIY and body shop. Both options require prepping the bike before application. Remove any old stickers with a heat gun, and thoroughly clean the bike’s frame with rubbing alcohol to loosen any leftover adhesive. It takes a lot of time and plenty of patience to apply each piece. Riders who have never added decals before might want to start with a smaller kit. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to let a skilled professional handle it to ensure an even, bubble-free application.

Tip 3: Read the Specs

SSR dirt bikes come in various models. Each one is slightly different than the others. When buying a kit, read the fine print to verify the included decals will fit the bike. The outdoor sticker for equipment should cover all the parts like a glove, including the gas tank, fenders, fork guards, radiator shrouds, and airbox. Well-designed graphics not only look the best, but they will also last longer.

Tip 4: Shop with a Budget

There are decal kits for every price point. Custom graphics cost more than mass-produced options. However, it’s not wise to overspend. When comparing the different styles available, always stick to a firm budget. Since graphics aren’t permanent, the rider can always upgrade to a fancier kit if their discretionary income increases.

Tip 5: Increase Resale Value

An avid rider might decide to upgrade their dirt bike after a few years. Attracting buyers depends on the condition of the vehicle. If the bike looks nice visually, the seller will assume it’s also free of mechanical issues. An SSR bike with properly applied, high-quality graphics will draw more interest than one covered in mediocre, low-grade decals.

Tip 6: Boost Visual Appeal

Dirt bike graphics come in an array of colors, finishes, and textures. The most eye-catching kits feature bold colors and unique designs. Riders should choose a kit based on their personal tastes. Do they prefer a matte or glossy finish? Do they like contrasting colors or a monochromatic palette? Some dirt bike owners will even match the decals to their helmet or gear. When it comes to visually-appealing options, the sky is the limit.

Ride the Trails with Bold Graphics

Graphics kits are perhaps the easiest way to transform a base model dirt bike into one that really stands out from the crowd. Riders can choose from a variety of different materials, styles, sizes, and designs. The right kit will protect the bike from damage while adding undeniable visual interest.