You love being out in the open air, feeling the wind on your face, and getting an adrenaline rush as you fly over bumps, jumps, and obstacles at breakneck speed.

But what happens if you crash? Will you be able to walk away unscathed? Or are there injuries that could happen in a crash that could leave you sidelined for weeks—or even months—of recovery?

The good news is that you can avoid most injuries with the right protective gear and approach.

But you can never take any injury type for granted, so it’s important to know what they are and how to prevent them from happening. This article will discuss six common head injuries that may occur during a dirt bike crash. Take a look.


A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can cause various symptoms, including headache, dizziness and nausea. It may happen when your brain shakes inside your skull, causing bruising or bleeding. Your doctor can diagnose a concussion with an evaluation and possibly a CT scan. Ensure you ride with a helmet that fits your head and neck properly. Fox helmets can be a great option. 

Brain Tissue Tear

A brain tissue tear occurs when the brain lacerates or tears itself apart. A forceful blow usually causes this to the head that causes your skull to fracture and your brain to shift against the inside of your skull, which causes it to tear apart at least partially. Brain tissue tears are especially dangerous because they can lead to massive blood loss and swelling within minutes—which can be deadly if not treated immediately.

The best way to avoid brain tissue tears while riding a dirt bike is by wearing a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). A helmet will protect your head from serious injury during an accident and prevent helmets from shattering on impact and causing further damage from sharp pieces of broken glass or metal pieces flying through the air at high speeds.

Foot Fracture

If you land on your feet or shins, you may suffer a foot fracture in a dirt bike crash. If you fall, twist your ankle or hit the ground with your feet first, there is a chance that you will break one of the bones in the foot.

To avoid foot fractures in dirt bike crashes, it is important to wear high-quality riding boots and good protective gear, including knee pads and wrist guards. These items will help to reduce the amount of damage done by falls and other accidents.

Cuts and Bruises

In a dirt bike crash, you may suffer cuts and bruises. These injuries are common in motorcycle accidents because of the speed at which the bikes are travelling and the fact that they have no protection from impact. To avoid cuts and bruises in dirt bike crashes, it is important to wear protective gear, including helmets with face shields, jackets with padding and even gloves if possible.

Neck Strain

Neck strains happen when your neck suddenly and forcefully turns to one side, causing the ligaments and muscles to stretch or tear. To avoid neck strain, make sure you ride in the correct position.

Dental Damage

You may fall off your bike in a dirt bike crash and land on your face. When this happens, your helmet may leave your head due to the impact, leading to dental damage. To avoid this, wear a quality helmet that fits correctly and securely. This will help prevent your helmet from coming off in a crash.


Take measures to protect your head when on a dirt bike for your safety. We are sure the above injury information has helped you understand how dangerous dirt bike crashes can be. You must be well equipped with safety gear and know how to protect yourself against accidents while riding a dirt bike.