LED Poi is considered to be a type of illuminated performance art and it happens to be one of the most popular known flow arts. Remember that flow arts combine several disciplines such as fire-spinning, dance, and juggling. 

As a performance art, you need to know that poi can involve spinning various tethered weights in different geometrical and rhythmical patterns. This article explains everything you need to know about LED poi balls. 

Understanding LED poi

Poi can be made from just any material, leading to the development of LED poi. Today, LED poi has become quite popular throughout the world, especially in the rave community. An LED or glow poi set can usually have two objects that don’t light up or glow, which are attached to strings. You can find LED Poi in the shape of nunchucks, pods, or balls. Some of the recent sets of LED poi include space sabers and space whips.

Like any other form of art, the aim of LED poi is usually to have fun and express yourself while using it. One of the special things about LED poi is that it uses the movement of your whole body. As a result, poi spinning is an extremely healthy task.

This is because LED poi exercises your body and mind. So while performing, you need to be mentally aware of your surroundings and body movements. This connection of the body and mind makes performing with poi quite similar to activities such as Tai Chi  and Yoga. 

Basic techniques you can use in a LED poi activity

The good news is that LED poi is pretty easy to use, making it suitable for many people of all ages. One of the basic techniques in LED poi performance is known as holding poi. With the holding poi, you need to use a grip on the string that is easy to release and secure. There is another way you can hold the string and this is by holding a handle or a strap. Handles may be made of various materials such as metal or wood.  

Another technique in the beginner poi spinning tricks is called spinning which involves spinning the poi. Therefore, to spin the LED poi, you need to begin with your dominant hand and start to swing either backward or forward. If you intend to swing the ball backward, then your palm should face up. On the other hand, if you want to swing the ball forward, then your palm should face downward.  

Also, make sure that your thumbs are tucked in a bit to prevent snagging the rope or string. Instead of focusing on swinging the LED poi quickly, you need to focus on swinging the poi rhythmically when you are performing alongside music.  

You can also try to make your LED poi reach its peak with the music. When you’re in motion, ensure that the swing is vertical. Then you can begin spinning the other end of the LED poi. You may also want to spin in rhythm with one another without hitting the ground or yourself. The best thing you can do to improve your LED poi performance is to practice spinning backward and forward.