How to Estimate the Architect Fees for a New House (1)

The architect fees for a new house are usually the amount they will charge to design the house and offer other services such as planning permission application, supervision of the project, and many others. Therefore, the amount is always subjective. Nonetheless, a residential homeowner can find an estimate of how much they will part with when if they have the right information.

Are you planning to build a home soon? You are in the right place to get a guideline on the charges you should expect from your local architects.

Calculate Architect Fees for a New House Online

Due to the advancement of technology, most if not all architectural firms have a website with details of the services they offer. The homepage usually has a calculator to help home builders get an estimate of the architect fees for a new house.

The calculator requires you to input various details such as the estimated cost of the project, size of the house, duration, services that you want, and any other details. As soon as you input all of these, it will give you the estimated cost.

Design Fee

Designing a new house through a professional architect will cost you about 5-10% of the overall project cost. The variation is determined by the theme of the design and the details you want to be included. For instance, a luxurious house with carports, a basement, and a swimming pool might cost more than a simple counterplay design.

The best way to know architect fees for a new house is to visit the websites of different firms in the UK or your area and compare the charges. Many are usually transparent, making it easy to know. In this case, why not find out more about the design fee from the web right now?

Permits Acquiring Fee

The other major service provided by architects is permit processing. Some include it in the package and knowing the cost is quite easy. But for a firm that charges differently, the fee varies depending on the number of permits needed. The ease of getting building permissions and permits in your country will also determine the charges. The good thing is clients can negotiate for these services. So, make a call to the firm to inquire about this when compiling the architect fees for a new house.

Other Architect Fees for a New House

Architects offer a lot more services at a small fee. After knowing the bigger charge of the design and permit processing, you may also inquire about other fees for the services they offer. Here are such services:

Project’s information survey – In case this is required by the authorities or any other organization, make arrangements with your architect and negotiate the fee as well.

Party wall permissions regulations – If your new home involves sharing a wall with a neighbor, professional architects will help you go through this at a small fee. Discuss this from the start to estimate the cost implication.


The secret to knowing all the architect fees for a new house is to discuss all of your needs in detail before the project starts. The first that you choose should assure you of no hidden charges when starting with the project.