Classic Beard Styles to Turn Heads


Although some people have debated and debunked beard popularity, beard styles are still seen as crucial facial hair that needs to be styled. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there was a rule that people have to wear a facemask to prevent the spread, and this meant that men have to choose a beard style that would ensure the face mask sits nicely on the face.

It was also said that those with a beard had high chances of contracting Covid-19. People were sent to work from home, hence the trend of corona beards. This made people lazier to shave their beards since they spent 3/4  of the day indoors. However, the situation got better, and people can now move out of their houses, although you should be in a face mask. To help you choose a better beard style that ensures that the mask highly secures your face, look at our list of Classic Beard Styles.

1.     The Five O’clock Shadow

This is one of the most effortless beard styles to achieve and maintain. Many prominent people keep it because of its simplicity and ease of maintenance. The five o’clock shadow beard can take only 3-5 days to grow, so you need to keep trimming your beard to maintain the look. If you have dark hair, you can cut your beard after three days.

2.     Scruffy Beard

This beard style is slightly longer than 5 o’clock. A scruffy beard is not choosy with the shape of your face and the hair type. Whether you have a patchy or too thick beard, this style will suit you well. You can grow your hair for two to three weeks, depending on how fast it grows. If you notice that your beard has started growing downwards towards the neck, trim the neckline. Since this beard can be itchy, apply a product to make it soft.

Classic Beard Styles to Turn Heads

3.     Corporate Beard

This beard favors those with a dense beard. Ensure your beard grows past three inches to give it the trim. You can attend corporate meetings in this beard style, meaning that you should keep it groomed. Get a good beard trimmer to cut hairs that do not grow in line with the rest and keep your neckline clean.

4.     Short Boxed Beard

This resembles the corporate beard, although the chin is a little bit hairy. According to MensHaircuts, keeping longer hair at the chin helps in creating sharper edges and makes your jawline more visible. You can leave your beard to grow for three months. You can achieve the look by creating a tapper from sideburns of the chin.

5.     Hollywoodian

This is a typical style of beard. The beard grows from the cheeks to the chin. Its shape helps to create a visible jawline. For a better look, ensure your Hollywoodian beard connects with the sideburns. These beard styles were mostly associated with Hollywood actors hence the name.

Classic Beard Styles to Turn Heads

6.     Power Beard

This is must-try beard styles. The beard is a bit longer than the short beards. They measure between four to six inches. They are kept by people who mean business, and as the beard grows bigger, it will start taking its shape. It could be straight, wavy, or curly.

7.     Power Beard with Mustache

You can only grow a mustache if you got the genes running in your family. Grow the mustache together with the beards and the sideburns. It is not easy to eat with a long mustache, and if you want peace with your food, you can avoid some foods that are hard to eat with a long mustache in public.

8.     Power Beard with a Short Mustache

Since it becomes hard to eat with a long mustache, you can keep your beard long and trim the mustache. Ensure that the hair covers your mouth’s natural curve and it does not overflow the upper lip.

9.     Power Beard with a Spade Shape

Let your beard grow to about 4-6 inches, and trim the bottom into your desired shape. You want to get a shovel shape for this style, so you should rim your beard following that shape. There are dramatic beard styles, and this is a classic example of such beard looks.