Did you know that 96% of shoes had fecal bacteria in a study that was done? If you are looking at how to sanitize shoes in order to keep your home as germ-free as possible, we are here to share about choosing the perfect shoe disinfectant mat.

Keep reading to learn more about the top shoe disinfecting mats out there.

1. Pathogen Solutions

This company has a mat in place that uses UVC shoe disinfecting technology plus ozone. These two together are 110x more effective at eliminating germs than UVC light alone. In as little as six to eight seconds after stepping on the mat it kills the germs on the bottom of your shoes.

It has shown to have up to 99.999% kill rates and it is simple to use because it is simply a plug-and-play UV disinfectant mat. You can learn more about this mat on this page.

2. Sanistride Sports Disinfectact Shoe Mat

This mat is great if you have limited floor space such as a dorm, apartment, hospital room, locker room, etc. With this mat, you have a shoe sanitizer dispensing system, one reversible insert that can be used on both sides, and a rubber base mat.

You can choose the sanitizer of your choice to pour in the insert.

3. Wearwell Sanitizing Mat

This is like having a sanitizing footbath when you step on it. You can decontaminate your boots or your shoes to avoid spreading harmful bacteria and germs in food production facilities but, you can use it at home or in any business where you want to keep the germs out.

It has a one-gallon capacity and it is 1/2″ in depth. The company also gives you a one year warranty that the mat will last because it is chemically resistant to common disinfectants.

4. Ultrasource Disinfectant Boot Mat

This specific disinfecting shoe mat holds up to 22 quarts of sanitizing and cleansing liquid. If you regularly wear boots, it is easy to dip your boots in this mat because it has a deep profile that will cover not only the soles but also the sides and the arch area of the boot.

The mat also has rubber fingertips where you can scrape the bottom of the boots as well. The mat size is 32″ X 39″. As long as you use the mat correctly it can reduce spreading common floor to floor viruses by up to 99%.

Health care facilities, medical institutions, veterinary clinics, emergency rooms, fire departments, food processing facilities, locker rooms, and homes can all benefit from this mat.

Ready to Choose the Best Shoe Disinfectant Mat for Your Needs?

Whether you need a shoe disinfectant mat for your home or business, we hope that with our list above you can make an informed decision on the best mat for you.

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