What to Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor


Installing a brand new roof is a massive hit to your savings account, but it furnishes an indispensable level of safety and protection for your employees, customers, wares and equipment. For these reasons, it is of the utmost importance to find industrial roofing services you can trust. Don’t become another roofing horror story where improper installation leads to dire and costly damages. Rather, research and vet your roofing contractor options using the following questionnaire to find genuine experts. Once you´ve done your research, you´ll find that Team Roofing is an excellent option for getting the job done.

Can you show me your testimonials and reviews?

Most companies nowadays are listed on Yelp or Google My Business, where anyone can post star-ratings, photos and reviews. This is an excellent place to see what other people have to say about a particular roofing contractor. If they do not have any such pages, it may only indicate that they are a newer company.

It never hurts to reach out directly and ask a roofer to provide you with testimonials, references or reviews. Be aware that any reviews they volunteer will probably represent them in a positive-biased light unless you specifically ask to see their bad reviews as well. A bad review doesn’t necessarily mean you should nix that company. Misunderstandings and conflicts are always bound to happen in business. If they are open to discussing their bad review in detail, you may get a sense of their honesty, ability to handle problems and willingness to learn from mistakes.

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Will you provide me a copy of your warranty policy?

Most roofing warranties will include the manufacturer’s warranty on the materials plus the contractor’s warranty on the labor. The manufacturer’s warranty is meant to protect you in the event that any materials turn out to be defective. The warranty on labor promises high-quality, expert installation, preventing your new roof from failing as a result of an installation error. Make sure your roofing company offers both kinds of warranty. Read them carefully to understand the specific defects, repairs and lifetime guarantees that it covers.

Does your business meet Energy Star standards?

Energy Star is a service sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to create energy efficiency standards for companies and organizations. It provides unbiased information that empowers consumers to purchase environmentally-friendly, climate-conscious products and services. The roofing industry leaves a mark on our air quality whenever roofing installation produces toxic fumes. Additionally, roofing systems that don’t provide enough insulation force the HVAC system to work harder over time, using more gas and electricity than usual. Roofers that display the Energy Star symbol can be trusted to do their part to protect the environment and provide energy-efficient solutions that ultimately save your business money.

What kinds of safety measures does your team implement during installation?

Safety always comes first! Every worker on your roofing company’s team should possess some background in industry-specific safety practices, including formal industry educational programs and company-wide safety training. Ask your roofers what kinds of precautions they enforce to keep their workers, your employees and your customers safe during installation.


Will there be a post-installation inspection?

A third party should thoroughly inspect your roof immediately after installation. This guarantees that all the materials were installed and sealed correctly, that there are no weak or damaged points where leakage could occur, and that everything measures up to code. When you inquire about post-installation inspections, your roofing provider should be able to explain their quality assurance standards.

Do you offer personalized maintenance plans for new roofing?

The completed installation of an expensive, brand new roof does not mean you never have to think about your roof ever again. The easiest way to avoid making another colossal roofing investment anytime soon is to maintain your roof adequately. Regular maintenance will prolong your roof’s lifespan as you catch and repair minor issues before they become major issues. Some roofing contractors offer maintenance plans, while others do not. It’s up to you whether you want to shop maintenance plans separately from your roofing purchase. However, it may be simpler to take care of both while you’re already thinking about it.


The day will soon come that the cranes and trucks arrive at your business property and you start to hear the heavy-booted traipsing of neon-vested workers high above you. Buying and installing a new roof is an immense undertaking to entrust only to an industrial roofing contractor who prioritizes safety, energy efficiency, quality assurance and proper maintenance. It’s worth the time and effort to conduct a quick interview when it procures professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to protect and inform you.