7 Best Dubai Destinations Every Environment Lover Would Enjoy


    Many people, when they hear the name Dubai, they start thinking of beautiful tall buildings, world-class restaurants, and top designers. Though Dubai is known for all that, there is still more to this amazing holiday destination. In this post, we are going to look at the best Dubai destinations every environment lover would enjoy. Also, it is possible to use a coupon code to shop in these destinations.

    1. Wadi Ghalilah

    Have you ever thought of getting to climb a stairway to the sky? Wadi Ghalilah is located in Ras AI Khaimah and is easily accessible by car from the heart of Dubai. There are many car rental companies in Dubai that you could use to get to this tantalizing travel destination. You might win some voucher codes if you book accommodations around this place.

    Wadi Ghalilah is also called Stairway to Heaven and is a mountain trail that links Ras al Khaimah to a certain village in Oman. It is a 1,500-meter climb and has steep rocks to add a touch of fun to the adventure. If you are an environment lover, there is no doubt you would enjoy visiting Wadi Ghalilah.

    1. Big Red

    To get to Big Red, move down Dubai-Hatta highway to the desert, and you will see Mars on Earth in the form of a huge sand dune known as the Big Red. Locally, it is called AI Hamar. The spot is very popular among travelers who love natural attractions and adventure. You could use your coupon code to get accommodations around this pace.

    The Big Red is a 100-meter giant sand dune that serves as a perfect spot for sandboarding and dune bashing. But if you are not a daredevil, then that is not a problem for you can still sit somewhere and watch the adrenaline junkies have a great time.

    1. Dubai Miracle Garden

    Miracle Garden is one of the best natural attractions in Dubai, and it would be great if you visited it. It is a famous place due to its marvelous display and extravagant outdoor recreational destination. Miracle garden provides premium services and other great deals that you will find irresistible.

    You will enjoy things such as, but not limited to, VIP parking, open parking, prayer room, ablution facility, security room, sitting areas, and other great deals. If you are in Dubai, then you haven’t finished your tour if you have not come to this place yet. You will have an experience of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

    1. Ras AI Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

    This place is located in Dubai and is extremely popular. Many visitors across the globe come year to witness a huge number of migratory birds that come to this place. If you are an environment lover and have something for birds, then complement your visit to Dubai by visiting this place.

    Ras AI Khor is an exquisite nature reserve and wetland located in Dubai. It has served as one of the best natural attractions for many years. Pink Flamingos are the main birds that frequent this place, but you can always see other bird species. The sanctuary is located at the tip of Dubai Creek.

    1. View Dubai Deserts from Hot Air Balloons

    There are many ways Dubai will keep you yearning for more. Though it has excellent infrastructure, it must not be forgotten that the UAE is a desert. Dubai has nice tours that involve viewing the desert from hot air balloons. From the balloons, you will also get to see some of the tallest buildings in the city.

    The tour involves 40-70 minutes of a balloon ride. Note that the duration of the ride is mainly determined by the weather. There is also photography by the Falcon, as well as the Falcon Show. The flying experience and certificate will be signed by the pilot before the expedition kicks off. Consider doing some online shopping just in case you spend more time than you had planned for, that way, you might one some online coupons.

    1. The Green Planet

    Maybe this is not 100% natural, but the concept will definitely blow your mind. This is a tropical rainforest that is contained in a glass box in the heart of a modern metropolis. This is an ambitious project that provides scenes from nature. Animals such as sloths, lizards, birds, and snakes, coexist in the five levels of biodome.

    The humidity and temperature levels are perfected to bring about the experience and feeling of walking through an actual tropical rainforest. You will get a chance to tour the ecosystem from one level to another. Travelers get to observe and interact with a wide range of animals. To get a chance, you want to book the Green Planet Tickets ahead of time.

    1. AI Qudra Lakes

    To get to this place, you will only need a 30-minute drive from the heart of Dubai. It is best described as a manmade desert oasis that serves as one of the best natural attractions in Dubai. At AI Qudra Lakes, you should expect to see onyx, fox and many types of birds.

    In this place, you will find at least 200 bird species such as Asian Houbara and the Steppe Eagle. If you are a fan of BBQ’ing and Picnicking, then this place would serve as the best spot. Many travelers from all walks love to camp in this place because it provides the best atmosphere for that.

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    Final Thoughts

    These environmental-friendly destinations will make you glad you visited Dubai. They are mostly located outside the city, so you will have to drive a few kilometers to get to them. They are some of the few Dubai destinations that have been there for many years and are still protected from human interference. Despite the fact that they are natural, they are still safe to visit, so you are free to bring your kids and other loved ones.