6 Top reasons to invest in condo launch Singapore

6 Top reasons to invest in condo launch Singapore

Property investment is gaining a lot of popularity among Singapore residents. Most people are using property investments to ensure that their retirement is adequately catered for. However, most people don’t know whether to invest in a resale condo or a new condo launch. The choice becomes hard in terms of the future or long term gains. However, most people are considering investing in condo launch Singapore due to its many benefits. Below are top reasons to invest in condo launch Singapore:

  1. High return on investment

If you get a new condo launch Singapore, you’ll get the opportunity to get the most out of the property. Whenever you feel like selling the property, you’ll stand a greater chance of winning big in terms of capital appreciation. A condo launch is actually more profitable than a resale condo. A new launch condo won’t have any existing asset depreciation. To even get more money, it’s advisable to sell the condo launch just before its actual completion.

  1. Easy to rent out

A new condo launch is much easier to rent than a resale condo. Everyone today wants to live in a new property since it feels nicer. As stated earlier, a new condo launch has quality design and amenities that will attract tenants looking for luxurious places to stay. Resale condos won’t attract a lot of people due to the general state. Most of them need renovation on the walls and repair or replace items like air conditioning units or refrigerators.

  1. Variety of options

When finding a new condo launch Singapore, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. You won’t be restricted to certain units. This means that you’ll have a greater opportunity to get better units depending on your taste and preference. Getting the best units also gives you an upper hand when it comes to selling the property in future.

  1. Flexible payment terms

Typically, a condo launch exists virtually. This means that you won’t be required to pay the full amount. Progressive payments are allowed within a specified duration. This flexibility makes condo launch Singapore an excellent choice for people who lack the initial investment capital. You’ll only be required to pay a predetermined amount of money depending on the agreement made. You can negotiate for smaller installments so that you don’t face difficulties when paying.

  1. Quality and latest design

Technological growth has impacted the property industry a lot. If you get a new condo launch, you’ll be in a better position to get the latest property designs with all updated amenities, including sky gardens, private kitchens, gyms, gaming rooms etc.

6 Top reasons to invest in condo launch Singapore

  1. Low maintenance costs

New condo launches require lower maintenance costs than resale condos. You won’t incur any expenses fixing or replacing the cabinets, floors, air conditioning units or lighting. They’re usually presented with all new appliances, unlike resale condos whose items should be inspected for damage.

These are some of the top reasons to invest in condo launch Singapore. You’ll also avoid paying property taxes.