6 Startup Business Ideas to Spark Positive Change

  1. Consulting services

In case you are passionate and knowledgeable about a particular topic, for example, you are good at communication, leadership, human resources, marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship, you can start offering consulting services to small business owners. You can start by creating your consulting firm by yourself and advancing your company, therefore employing other consultants after your firm has grown.

2. Become an online reseller

Individuals who have sales and clothing passion can start online reseller commerce. Despite this taking a considerable amount of dedication and time and a taste for fashion, it is a great idea for those who wish to start hustling. Online reselling can begin by establishing an online store website, for example, Mercari and Poshmark, to trade any unwanted clothing and, in the end, expand to own reselling website. If you build your business optimally, you can make money selling your business later. Some people start a business like this just to sell it later because a lot of people want a business that’s turnkey and established.

3. Online educator

If you want to attain financial independence, consider online teaching. Online education demand has increased and presented attracting opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to establish and operate their ventures. Being an online entrepreneurial idea, you are free to decide the subject that you know about. Moreover, you can teach any course at any location since it via online. Importantly, if you lack knowledge about almost all the subjects, you are free to consider offering English lessons to overseas students since this is an external language.

4. Online bookkeeper

With the advancement in technology, numerous bookkeeping activities can be carried out successfully online. Thus, if you work as a bookkeeper or an accountant and you would like to acquire the autonomy and freedom to run your own business, you can benefit from the advanced technology and create an online bookkeeping activity and make other corporations your clients.

5. Developing Apps

Becoming an app developer is among the ways to make easy money. Again, in case you are experienced and knowledgeable in technology, then you can consider an app development career. Smartphones are now popular and used by many individuals globally. Therefore, mobile apps’ demand has increased at a higher rate. Moreover, virtual actuality software is now frequently used, and VR app creation has gained a lot of demand. Therefore, an individual can take advantage of these opportunities and venture into app development.

6. Organizing professionally

Become a professional organizer to assist people in decluttering and minimizing and enhance customer safety to earn a living. Many individuals are desperate about downsizing and controlling all their possessions. Minimalism is gaining popularity. Therefore, one part of becoming a professional in organizing is assisting clients in developing a downsizing system and appropriately keeping belongings. Thus, if you are an organized individual who enjoys when making spaces comfortable and functional, then you might succeed in coaching your clients on how to do like you. 

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are interested in integrating your passions and interest into your current work while still earning money to support you. In that case, you should consider a small business that satisfies you and allows you to employ the skills you possess and provides comfortability such that you can attain a good balance between work and life. Additionally, it would be best to consider choosing something that you like doing and that which you can do in the best manner and has demand.

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6 Startup Business Ideas to Spark Positive Change

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