5 Ways to Show off Your Skills at Work


If you want to be recognized for your ability at work?!

Many people don’t even realize they have the strengths they need at work.
Whether you’ve worked for a long time or have a short experience, the skills we’ve learned while working are also one of our strengths. Dig into your strengths!
The advantage I realized at this time must be raw. Realize your strengths and share the following tips to maximize your strengths!
5 Ways to Show off Your Skills at Work
Show your experience, passion!
Did you consider social media as a private space and set it ‘private’?
Red Bull wing Finder and that the employment of 70% of college graduates being used social media to create their own images for the job.
You can think of and use social media as your own space, but think of it as a ‘digital space‘ that will highlight your passion and talent! The door to more opportunities will open up.

2. When working, be emotional rather than rational!

5 Ways to Show off Your Skills at Work
Be faithful to your emotions!?
‘Reasonable’ is the ability to process tasks that are logical and minimize mistakes. And, on the contrary, we know that being overly emotional hurts colleagues and, on the contrary, interferes with work.
However, last year ‘s study at the University of Kansas found that people who are emotional about failure will have more success in the future than those who are logical about failure.
It turns out that this is especially the case when you have a job similar to what you failed. It turned out that emotional people were more frustrated with failing, and they put more effort into the next task than logical people.

3. Find my special workmate at work!

5 Ways to Show off Your Skills at Work
Together, they double the performance!
A 2017 U.S. study of 269 workers found that people with particularly close colleagues in the workplace had a high level of mutual trust, honesty, loyalty, and respect’ in the workplace. At this time, the meaning of closeness’ does not mean an intimate relationship that shares personal things, but rather means working together in work and within the company.
You may wish to stand out by performing alone in a bleak work environment, but if you have a work soulmate in your workplace, your results will double.

4. Build your stamina!

5 Ways to Show off Your Skills at Work
When you grow up, you become smarter!
If you really want to be recognized at work, start working out right away. One major study in Australia found that regular exercise ‘strengthened’ and nourished can make our brains think healthier and sharper. In fact, improving cognitive function is always associated with improving muscle strength.

The stronger the body, the smarter the brain.

5. Decluttering: Organize unnecessary things in your life.

5 Ways to Show off Your Skills at Work
Organizing clothes is also a decluttering.
Living in a work-life balance is difficult. However, there are ways to relieve the stress from both. It’s called Decluttering. Decluttering means ‘organization’, removing unnecessary things from life.
Organize your to-do list, organize your work space and house, or organize your mind. This will surely reduce unnecessary stress and give you new energy and creativity.