Need A Battery Charger

Whether you already own a battery charger that needs replacing, or you are considering the investment into new battery chargers, there’s no doubt there are many benefits to the purchase. Whether it’s for batteries for your torch, or batteries for your business vehicles, here are 5 key reasons you need a battery charger:


Australia produces around 3,300 tonnes of lithium-ion battery waste per annum. Most batteries sold are single use, and although some might last a while (depending on the quality), at the end of their lifespan they’re either thrown into general waste to end up as landfill or sent to recycle plants for proper disposal. By investing in a battery charger instead of single-use batteries, you’ll be helping to reduce your footprint on the environment.

Save Money

Along with saving the environment, since you won’t have to replace your batteries as regularly with rechargeable types, you could also save a significant amount of money in the long term. A battery charger can also extend a battery’s life by as much as double the estimated lifespan. Even in vehicles, rather than replacing the battery, if you instead recharge your flat battery, you might actually get another few years out of it. As such, you’re better off spending money up-front as an investment rather than spending your hard earned dollars weekly to replace old batteries. 

Better Performance 

Rechargeable batteries use 1.2 volts of energy at all times, while disposable batteries have 1.5 volts to start with, but eventually lose that power. As such, with rechargeable batteries, it is possible to sustain peak performance even when the battery is low – it retains the same level of power until the battery is drained. 


One of the best things about using a battery charger is the convenience. For general batteries, your charger is small and easy to store – so it can be ready to use whenever your batteries begin to lose power. For a vehicle battery charger, it’s a handy instrument to have with you on a long journey, or in the shed at the office. If one of the company vehicle’s isn’t being used for an extended period, a battery charger can ensure it’s ready to go when you require its use again. 


Battery chargers are available in a variety of styles, sizes and for all types of battery. From lead acid chargers that will work on any vehicle’s battery, through to small chargers to suit AAA size batteries, there are an abundance of options available. Battery chargers can also be recharged in a variety of ways, including USB ports, wall outlets, and car charging ports. This means no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, you can always ensure your batteries are fully charged.

Whatever the purpose, there’s no doubt battery chargers provide an array of benefits when compared to disposable batteries. When shopping, look for the compatibility of the charger type for the batteries you want to charge, and pay attention to the input and output to ensure it suits your needs.