5 Benefits of Buying From Your Local Flower Shop


Online floral shops have grown almost 12% in recent years. And while ordering anything online is hassle-free and convenient, forgetting about your local flower shop can be quite detrimental. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it’s also a lot less convenient than you might think.

Here are 5 benefits of buying your flowers from your local florist.

The Importance of Buying from Local Floral Shops

With the rise of local business awareness, it makes sense to turn to your local florist for your next flower arrangement. Not only are there several benefits for you, but there are several advantages for your community as a whole.

It helps your community’s economy, keeping everyone on their feet in these trying times. But it’s also more eco-friendly. When buying flowers locally, you reduce your carbon footprint.

Chances are, your local professional flower shop is near a flower farm, so your new blooms won’t have been imported, reducing carbon emissions.

If your florist delivers, they’re also likely quite close, so time on the road is also highly reduced. Local florists also often use far less plastic, where they can, which is another major plus.

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Now that we know the importance of buying from your local florist, let’s get into your benefits.

1. Fresh is Fresh

When it comes to long-lasting, truly fresh flowers, nothing compares to flowers bought from a local florist. Big retailers or national florist chains often don’t have the correct storage facilities to keep blooms fresh and spritely.

Your local florists will ensure the flowers are kept in the right conditions so they last as long as they really should. This gives you a true bang for your buck.

2. It’s Cheaper

Speaking of bang for your buck, buying locally is actually cheaper. That’s right. With all the handling and shipping fees, you end up paying a lot more for your flower bouquet than you would if you just bought it locally.

Local florists may charge you a delivery fee if they deliver, but this will also most likely be much more affordable than an online store.

3. Flower Arrangements are Unique

By working closely with your local florist, you often have more flower options. Not only do you get to try different arrangements, but they’ll often be far more unique.

Local florists will often tailor make arrangements that are better suited to you, your style, and all your desires.

4. Service Is a Top Priority

Online stores often use call centers to run their call-in services, and florist chains are no different. This can lead to a lot of miscommunication and bad experiences. When working with your local florist, chances are, your service will be far better.

There is less chance of miscommunication, top-quality products and service, and you’ll get to build a relationship with your florist.

5. It’s Faster

While, yes, some online florists offer Same-day flower delivery, buying from your local florist usually also means you get the exact flowers you want far quicker than if you ordered them online. Not only will you save some money, but you’ll also get to enjoy your blooms a lot longer, which is always a plus.

Check Out Your Local Flower Shop

No matter the occasion, you should always buy flowers from your local flower shop. Not only do you benefit a great deal, but it also helps your local business district and the environment.

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