3 Ways to Stay Safe When Your Teen Is Learning to Drive


Learning to drive is more than a rite of passage for your teen: it’s a necessary survival skill for life in modern America.

Teen driver fatalities increased last year more than any other youth fatality, although fatalities for other young people remained stable. That’s why it’s essential than ever for parents of teen drivers to make sure their kids get to, from, and at school safely.

With school back in session, it’s an excellent time to plan how your teen will get to school, extracurricular activities, and home again.

Here are a few ways to keep safe when your teen is learning to drive to school.

1. Share Your Concerns

Ask questions about their progress, such as how they handle emergencies, their knowledge of road rules, and any challenges behind the wheel. Make sure they understand the importance of defensive driving, the impact of distraction, and the consequences of drinking and driving. Discuss the importance of buckling their seat belt every time they get in the car.

Provide support and guidance, and encourage continuing to practice safely. Let them know that you recognize the challenges and successes with learning to drive and that you are there to help whenever needed.

Demonstrate a positive attitude and provide constructive criticism. Emphasize the importance of safety and help them feel confident behind the wheel.

2. Provide Supervision

Start by providing plenty of practice in a safe environment, away from the roads. It gives the teen plenty of time to practice and develop their skills. Sit with them as they rehearse and provide step-by-step tips and advice.

When your teen is ready for the roads, protect them by riding in the car as they drive. Discuss with them the road rules and review any potential hazards before they hit the road. Be sure to avoid any areas with heavy traffic or complicated intersections.

Remain vigilant during the drive and steer the conversation when they begin talking while driving. Finally, set a good example by following the road rules yourself. You can ensure your teen is safe while they learn to drive by providing supervision.

3. Use a Car Tracker

It is a device that can be placed in a car, allowing parents to track their teen’s driving in real time. It helps them stay informed of their teen’s location, speed, and driving habits. It alerts the parents when their teen reaches dangerous speeds, is heading in a dangerous place, or makes an unsafe move such as an abrupt stop or start.

The tracker also records the teen’s route so parents can retrace their path afterward. It helps ensure your teen driving is safe while assuring parents that they can keep an eye on the newest family member. A car tracker for teenagers is an excellent investment for any parent to make when their teen is on the road.

Stay Safe While Learning to Drive Today

The most important thing for parents to do when their teen is learning to drive is to help them understand the rules of the road and the importance of practicing safe habits behind the wheel. Driving safety is something that you should take seriously, both by teens and their parents alike. Review defensive driving techniques with your teen regularly to ensure the utmost safety on the roads. 

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