3 Top Buzzing Backyard Pool Oasis Trends in 2021


It’s never too late to plan your upcoming summer pool season. Today, in this article, we’ve rounded up some fantastic pool up-gradation ideas that will make your backyard so luxurious and entertaining that your best pals and neighbors will request you to invite them over a Sunday afternoon pool time with kids.

So, Let’s Check These Incredible Pool Trends in 2021:-

1.    Acrylic Walls

3 Top Buzzing Backyard Pool Oasis Trends in 2021

If you wish to upscale your backyard pool oasis’s aesthetics, consider installing the acrylic walls. They are a trendy design element with an uncanny ability to render a pure class and elegance stroke to the entire pool area.

It is a spectacular and original effect that can fuel life in your backyard oasis with its whimsical charm.

Here Are the Many Perks of Installing Acrylic Walls on Your Pool:-

Elegant and Minimalist: The transparent acrylic walls have a unique feel that provide a minimalist effect.

High Impact Resistance: Without a dilemma, acrylic walls are the sturdiest materials for pool construction

Durability: They can last from 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance.

Lightweight & Moldable Structure: Compared to glass, the acrylic material is lighter in weight and moldable to achieve curved sections & complex shapes.

Easy to Install and Maintain: Depending on the size, the acrylic walls are less complicated to install. Do hire a professional installer to avoid any leakage or breakage.

2. Tile Inlay

3 Top Buzzing Backyard Pool Oasis Trends in 2021

How come some pools draw instant attention while others don’t? The reason is the use of tile inlay in pool walls to create an optical effect that leaves anybody awestruck. The tile inlays can translate a regular pool into something special.

You can select from a vast range of colors and coral & floral design options to compliment your pool oasis. The tile inlays last between five and ten years, depending on how well you maintain the pool chemistry.

To increase the lifespan of your pool, you must invest in swimming pool covers or pool enclosures as not only they’ll ease off the pool cleaning burden off your shoulder, minimize the use of chemicals, which otherwise, over time, cause damage to the pool tiles.

3. Rain Descents

3 Top Buzzing Backyard Pool Oasis Trends in 2021

Rain descents are a superb trend widely embraced by landscape designers & interior decorators. They install the rain descents in several ways, such as beautiful walls indoors & outdoors.

It is not merely a water feature but also a fine artwork having a mesmerizing effect—it forms a wall that replicates the sound of falling rain.

Some rain descents are a standalone water feature, while others fall from the side of the frame, such as an awning that overlaps your backyard pool or pergola. The rain descents can go in a straight line or curve.

They are an incredible space-saving option and a perfect alternative to a typical fountain. In a nutshell, if you are considering a water feature that lets you unhook from your day-to-day stresses & worries, then rain descents are a perfect option with minimal maintenance.

Let’s Wrap Up

In the end, while upgrading your backyard pool oasis with creative ideas, don’t overlook crucial upgrades such as pool enclosure and covers. We hope you like trending ideas for 2021 and that they will be suitable for designing your perfect pool.