10 Effective Ways FL Businesses Find Customers and Make More Sales

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Did you know that Florida has the fourth-largest economy in the United States, and nearly 99% of enterprises are small businesses? Florida is on the rise, and it’s no secret that running a business in the sunshine can produce incredible financial rewards.

But how do FL businesses manage their success? What is their strategy for finding customers? How do they manage steady or increasing sales?

Running a successful business in Florida takes the same skillset, drive, and creativity as anywhere else in the country. But, there are some specific opportunities and considerations to think about. Read on to discover the top ten ways that Florida businesses can grow and increase profits.

1. Establish Engaging SEO Practices

If your business is online (and you should have an online presence today), you need to establish engaging SEO practices to stay competitive in the market and attract new customers. The best Florida businesses use SEO or search engine optimization to drive internet traffic to their website. This traffic can result in conversion to sales and captured clientele. This is why businesses like the home services invest on SEO technology to achieve their marketing goals.

SEO best practices help increase traffic to your website or blog posts and attract clients in Florida and beyond. Check out these SEO services St. Petersburg to learn more.

2. Create Localized Marketing Strategies

If your business is Florida-based, both offline marketing and online marketing strategies must be highly localized. This ensures your content, products, and services are reaching the right and local clientele. For online marketing, utilize popular and local Florida hashtags to encourage users to find your social media channels.

Email marketing campaigns can include information about your local business. Think location, founder’s story, or interesting facts about your Florida city or town. Growing your marketing strategies in the local community ensures you’ll have a solid customer base to support your business even when out-of-town clients or tourism dips.

3. Tout Local Expertise

Have you lived in Florida all your life? Is your Floridian business generations old? Tout that local expertise!

Your highly local and experienced viewpoint can drive customers to trust your business and want to purchase your services or products. Therefore, it is important to disclose that information across social media channels, email marketing efforts, business cards, and other collateral.

4. Partner with Local Businesses and Organizations

Create partnerships with other local businesses and organizations in your area.  Explore the options of pop-up shops or special events with businesses that complement your enterprise. For example, a local artist may benefit from hosting a popup shop in a local clothing or jewelry boutique.

Or, a professional business could benefit from partnering with a local university or school to attract student and faculty sales. When you reach out to local businesses, you support the community and create strong bonds that only exist between Floridian enterprises.

5. Appeal to Tourists and Visitors

Did you know that in 2020, more than 75 million tourists visited Florida? The Visit Florida Tourism Board and initiative has created compelling content to encourage tourists worldwide to visit and inject capital into the sunshine state’s economy. Leverage this tourism to support and grow your own business.

While there will be months of the year or instances where tourism may not support your business, visitors can help add value and extra income when needed. Pitch your business to local hotel concierge teams, tourism boards, or tour companies.

Consider creating specific marketing collateral or commissionable partnerships to attract this client and grow your sales. For example, if your company can expand or grow, you may wish to open another retail outlet or office in a heavy tourist area like Orlando or Miami.

6. Extend Your Reach Online

Attracting Florida business is essential to surviving in the sunshine state. But an online presence allows you to gain business from across the country and even the world.

For example, if you sell locally made Florida products, set up an international shipping agreement. Clearly identify that you ship globally and repeat this information across all social channels and email marketing efforts.

7. Give Back to the Community

If you launched your business in Florida, chances are someone, or a group in your community helped you along the way. Give back to your community by supporting other businesses or partnering with a local charity or organization.

For example, create social media content to support other non-competitor businesses. Refer clients who visit your store to visit your neighbor’s shop.

For every purchase a client makes, consider a give-back percentage to a local charity or organization. Not only will you support your local town, but you can show customers that their sales and purchases make a difference in the community.

8. Plan Creative Events

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop in Florida, plan creative events like in-store wine tastings, art shows, or performances. This will encourage local customers and visitors alike to check out your business.

Office-based businesses consider hosting private dinners or cocktail events for your most important clients. This shows great care and will encourage those top spenders to revisit your business.

9. Set-Up a Referral System

Florida may be a big state, but the community is at the heart. And word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations are an old-school but efficient way to get clients and grow your business.

Create a referral system with existing clientele. You can easily create referral codes or discounts to attract business.

10. Create Incentives and Discounts

How often does your business run purchasing incentives or discounts? Calculate these special sale periods in line with your finances and budgeting strategy. But, try to align incentives with popular periods in Florida, like spring break when visitors are in town or at the start of the school year when families and kids get back to their routine.

FL Businesses Need To Use These Strategies To Attract Clients and Grow Sales

FL businesses can benefit from using these strategies to find customers and make more sales. But, when it comes to doing business in Florida, remember to highlight your local expertise and create a localized marketing approach.

This ensures you are meeting the right customers in your area, who will feel aligned with your business and want to support your enterprise. If you found this information helpful, then check out our other business stories.