Did you know the Midwest and East Coast are going to experience frigid temperatures and increased snow this winter?

The Farmer’s Almanac has a good reputation for anticipating weather events, leaving just enough time to prepare.

If you don’t want to deal with burst pipes and frost in the house, there are a few chores to get done.

Keep reading to discover the most essential winter preparation tasks that will keep you and your family warm!

Seal Drafts

One of the first winter preparation tasks to get started on is sealing drafts.

If you’ve found cracks or openings that are letting in cold air, you want to get them sealed. These cracks can create moisture in the home if left open and increase your energy bills. If your heating bill seems too high, you should look in the attic and around doors and windows.

Caulk, paint, and insulation can stop frigid temps from infiltrating your home. A good way to find drafts is by getting the house as quiet as possible on a windy day and listening for noises.

Clean Your Gutters

Winter weather is unpredictable and can damage structures if ice and snow can’t drain.

After the trees around your home are done dropping leaves, grab the ladder and look at your gutters. You can use a leaf blower or pull debris out by hand. If you don’t clean the gutters, ice and water can freeze with leaves and creates blockages that can burst the drains.

While you’re outside cleaning the gutters, don’t forget to empty your hose and turn off the exterior waterlines!

Prepare Your Chimney

A clean chimney and chopped firewood will make it easier to start the first fire of the season.

You should prepare your chimney and open the vents. This can be a messy and ashy process, so try to do it on a nice day and open the windows.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you should call a technician to check your furnace. A furnace replacement service found here will ensure that your system is functioning efficiently. Whether you have a fireplace, furnace, or boiler, you want to know that it’s working well before the temps’ drop.

Swap Your Clothes

Getting prepared for frigid weather involves more than fixing up the house.

Take time to pull out your seasonal clothing boxes so your sweaters, jackets, and boots are easy to find. When people aren’t prepared with winter clothing, they increase their risk of getting a chill or illness.

Cross Your Winter Preparation Tasks off the List

Winter preparation can be daunting if you dread the cold and snowy months, but it doesn’t need to take long.

Getting organized and prioritizing these tasks will prevent you from wasting money on repairs, energy bills, and more. You don’t have to make expensive upgrades to keep your family warm, especially if you have a fireplace. After you get the exterior taken care of, don’t forget to pull out your warm clothes.

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