Why is organic skincare recommended?


The skin is the largest organ in the body. Other than acting as a protective barrier that keeps harmful substances out of the body, it serves other functions. And to ensure that the skin performs its functions properly, it is essential to take care of it. Exercise and a balanced diet do well to keep your skin healthy for extra nourishment and care your skin could do with some skincare products. Many products like organic face creams have been formulated to protect and heal the skin in pursuit of healthy skin. This can look different from natural, chemically manufactured, and organic skincare.

CBD oil is one of the most effective organic products. It is used in the beauty industry and even in vaping. Users enjoy the best CBD vape pens.

Organic, natural, and green are phrases common in the skincare industry. But what do consumers know about these popularized brands beyond their favorite influencer reviews?

Consumers know little about these terms rather than what their favorite influencers popularize. Taking a closer look at organic skin care products, let us delve into what organic products are and why it is highly recommended to use them.

What is organic skincare?

Organic skincare is skin care products formulated from naturally occurring ingredients not grown with chemicals and additives like pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and herbicides. These ingredients often yield high-quality raw materials free from harmful substances in chemicals. With so much marketing it can be confusing to settle on an authentic organic skincare product, However, with some digging on their site, you should be able to discover whether a skincare product is organically sourced or not.

Five benefits of using organic skincare for your skin

If you are browsing for skincare products to add to your routine, from mascara and moisturizers to face oils, we highly recommend organic skincare. Not only are they free from harmful substances, but organic products also possess a lot of benefits, some discussed below.

Better for your skin

The skin tends to absorb the products you apply to it; thus, it is essential to ensure they are gentle and beneficial. Organic skincare is gentle on the skin and contains ingredients your body will recognize and work with to ensure healthy skin. Products containing synthetic ingredients can be irritating and sometimes harmful to the skin and the body. So while the results could give you clear skin in the short term, the results could be damaging long term, causing skin issues.

Highly effective

As a consumer, you want the products you want assurance that the product you are getting works. It does not get more effective than with organic products. It is packed with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants and contains at least 95% active ingredients, which, compared to 5-10% of the composition of chemically formulated skincare, is more nourishing and restoring.

Environmentally friendly

It all begins with the application to your skin; however, at the end of the day, the remnants of the products are washed through your drain, making their way to the earth. If these products are made of harmful products that do not break down, they will accumulate in the environment reducing biodiversity. Organic skincare differs as it is biodegradable and can be absorbed into the natural ecosystem where it originated.

Embraces natural fragrance

The smell of synthetic skincare products is pleasant; however, these chemical combinations could risk an allergic reaction. Organic skincare also has aromatic fragrances that are not harmful to the skin. The fragrances are safe to use unless one has an allergic reaction to a specific ingredient.


Most conventional beauty and skincare companies still use animals to test chemical products before use on human beings. These cruelty practices are unnecessary with organic skincare formulations because the products are safe to use.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, most modern skincare products use synthetic ingredients you may not recognize, and some could be potentially harmful. However, organic skincare contains organically farmed ingredients, which is what to expect from a skincare product. As seen above, organic products are worth the switch if you want to upgrade your skincare game.