Which Type of Dab Rig Is Right for You? A Comprehensive Comparison

    Dab rig

    If you’re in the market for a new dab rig, it’s essential to understand the different options available. From size to design, there are plenty of considerations to consider. Look for a smaller, no-fuss design with no more than two percs. This will ensure you get the best experience from your rig.


    A dab rig is a great way to enjoy your favorite cannabis concentrates. Unlike a joint, a pipe, or other traditional smoking devices, dab rigs use a nail that gets heated with a torch, and then dabs of cannabis waxes or oils are applied to the heated surface, instantly producing a vapor that can be inhaled. Because of their potency, dabs require only a tiny amount to produce the same high that multiple puffs off a traditional pipe or joint would. They also offer a cleaner, more flavorful experience. Dabbing has its risks, however. The most apparent risk is burning yourself on the heated nail, especially if you purchase a rig with a domeless nail. To avoid burns, look for the type of dab rig with a cup that holds the nail out of reach from your torch—many smokers like mixing and matching dab rig components to arrive at one-of-a-kind setups. You can even find complete sets with everything you need to start dabbing. This option can benefit newbies unsure of what kind of set they should invest in.


    Unlike puffing joints or passing a bowl, dabbing requires a rig to consume concentrates properly. Although it is possible to improvise a rig with various household items, most users prefer to purchase one. This allows them to customize their experience by matching different components to arrive at the ideal setup. Depending on the type of nail, a dab rig can be powered by either butane or propane. A butane torch lighter is recommended as it is more minor and less dangerous than propane. Once the nail is heated, users place a dab of concentrate on it and inhale the vapor drawn into the water chamber. The water functions as a radiator to cool the vapor to a temperature comfortably inhaled by the user. Some rigs also feature a recycler function that works to push the water and vapor back down through the first chamber for a continuous cycle of filtration. This can result in smoother hits and better flavor. Dab rigs can be purchased as complete sets, including a torch lighter and dabber.


    Dab rigs are made from a variety of materials. For durability, go with borosilicate glass. This is a strong type of glass that can withstand thermal shock. It can also resist stains and cracks. It’s essential to clean your dab rig regularly. A dirty rig can clog and overheat and may smell or taste bad. The banger, the nail, is a crucial part of a dab rig. It’s where you place the concentrate and must withstand extreme heat. A dab nail can be made from ceramic, titanium, or quartz. Glass nails are cheap but break easily and don’t hold heat very well. Most dab rigs require a torch lighter to heat the nail to the right temperature. Some rigs have a built-in electric nail that doesn’t need a torch lighter, but this is rare. You can also purchase a dab rig with a carb cap, which allows you to vaporize the wax without burning it. You can even find dab rigs with multiple perks, which filter the vapor for smoother hits.

    Nail Type

    A dab rig comes with a nail or banger, which needs to be heated before cannabis concentrates are dropped onto it. A hand torch is required for this task because a regular lighter won’t heat the nail enough to work correctly. Excessive heating can cause the nail or dabber to break, so choosing one designed for easy maintenance and longevity is essential. Nails for dabs come in different shapes and sizes, and you can select one that fits the joint size of your pipe. Many nails are domeless, but some have a carb cap that can be slid over the nail to help distribute heat and retain vapor during inhalation. You can use a butane or propane blowtorch to heat the nail or opt for an electronic nail that provides butane-free heating with precise temperature control. E-nails are much safer than traditional nails but can be more expensive. The type of nail you choose will significantly impact your experience with a dab rig, so be sure to shop around for the best price.


    It takes time, practice, and patience to maintain a dab rig. The most essential part of any dab rig is the nail or banger, which must be heated to high temperatures to ensure complete vaporization and clean hits. Cleaning is also necessary to reduce odors and the build-up of germs. If a rig is left stagnant, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. A salt and alcohol solution in a plastic bag can dislodge hard-to-reach resin that builds up on the surface of the nail or banger. A butane hand torch is a must-have accessory for heating the nail. Unlike propane torches, butane torches provide consistent heat for precise temperature control. A dab rig is an excellent alternative to traditional pipes or joints for those who enjoy smoking concentrates. Whether used for recreational or medical purposes, a dedicated rig can improve the flavor and efficiency of dabs by separating the flavors of wax and traditional herbs. However, choosing a dab rig with the right design and accessories ensures the best results.