Fresh flowers are known as the perfect way to brighten up our homes. These are also considered the best things to give to your loved ones. We always want to keep our flowers fresh no matter for which reason we bring them to our home. But keeping flowers fresh and vibrant is a tricky job.

You must be wondering how florists manage to keep all of their flowers fresh for a longer time. They certainly have some magic with their flowers. Generally, most of the time, we get a few drops of flower food that helps to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time.

The length of time of your flowers or bouquet depends upon the type of flowers that you choose or the good you take care of them. Most of the flowers tend to stay fresh for around 5 to 7 days on average before they begin to droop.

According to the expert’s tropical flowers tend to last longer compared to regular flowers. The flowers like anthurium or Leptospermum tend to last for around ten days. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to keep the flowers fresh.

●    Choose the right type of flowers.

You cannot simply expect all flowers to stay fresh at the same pace. All the flowers have their life span. Hence it is essential to choose the right type of flowers. Selecting the right bunch of flowers will always make your shelf look nicer.

But one needs to remember that bouquets with open flowers tend to droop faster than the ones with still in buds. Hence it is important to choose flowers with closed petals wherever possible. Flowers do not tend to last long if they are open.

If you are getting the flowers for décor purposes, then get them with closed petals. Alternatively, you can also get preserved flower combos like a forever rose box that can last pretty long and save your purpose.

●    Cutting the stem

Most of us get tempted to put the flowers right into the vase as soon as we get it home. But it is essential to follow one step before moving the flowers to the vase to keep them fresh. Here we are talking about cutting the stem. Cutting or trimming the stems at a specific angle helps to create the surface area for the flower to intake a sufficient amount of water from the vase.

Generally, flowers get sealed immediately as soon as you take them out from the water. Make sure to remove the packaging as soon as you get the flowers. Get some tepid water and cut off the stem by two-three inches.

The flowers like hydrangeas are known to be the thirsty ones. Hence you will always need to give a quick fix to boost their freshness. If the flowers look a bit floppy, then you can dip them into the bowl of water for a second to let them drink.

●    Conditioning the flower stem

Apart from hydration, it is also important to condition the flower stems. Here you would need to tackle all the leaves from the stem before putting them into the vase. Most of the time, the water in the vase looks murky or green. It is simply because we do not condition the stems properly.

Make sure to remove all the leaves from the flower stems, which can fall below the waterline. This will avoid spoiling the water. Also, make sure not to bend or twist the stems as it can develop the disease.

●    Placing the vase in the right place

The location of the place where you put the vase also makes a massive difference for the freshness of flowers. Ensure to keep the flowers away from direct sunlight and direct heat as they can dehydrate the blooms. It is also recommended to keep the flowers away from the fruit bowl as fruits tend to release gases that can speed up the blooming and fading up of the flowers.

●    Changing the water in the vase

According to the experts, one should change the water in the vase every other day. You can consider tipping all the water out, cleaning the vase, and putting the fresh water in. Regularly changing the water certainly helps to keep the water fresh.

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