Brisbane might not have international recognition like Sydney, but it is one of the best cities in Australia because of its economy, culture, people, healthcare, and cost of living. Like most cities in Australia, the small and medium enterprises remain the lifeblood of Brisbane’s economy, as they represent more than 98% of the total registered companies in the city. Unfortunately, a good number of them still do not have a functioning website.

Small and medium businesses should understand that should not only be a static digital address. By hiring SEO companies in Brisbane, they can exploit their website to make money off it 24/7, and therefore add value to their business.

If you are a Blogger then this article will talk about the landing page and how businesses can optimize it to improve their bottom line.

Pro Tip: Answer a visitor’s question at lightning speed. Here is a great explanation of why landing pages are so important

It is not easy to create the best landing page. If you are a novice you need to start reading up on the best practices of landing pages. This means looking at lead forms, conversions, designs and other optimizations. If you are unsure about your own internal team handling the same, you need to work with the most professional and experienced Web Development Agencies to help you in this regard. This can help give your conversions from any landing page campaign a much-required boost.

But if your landing page is not performing according to your desired goals. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Fine-tune your CTA — Your call-to-action should direct the visitors to make a decision. The question is, how many CTAs are on your landing page? You can just stick to one unless you have multiple marketing objectives. If so, you should have the same number of landing pages with each of your marketing objectives. Make sure your CTAs stand out by using contrasting colors, the correct size, or triggering an urgent response.
  2. Optimize your page speed — The longer it takes your website to load from the first fold to the last will be crucial to determining your bounce rate. According to estimates, your conversion rate will drop by 7% for each second of delay your page loads. To measure your website load speed, you can try PageInsights.
  3. Make your headlines simple and straightforward – As you know, you only have a few seconds to catch the visitor’s attention. You lose even more of your precious seconds if your headline is confusing. They are not interested in trying to figure out what you mean. They want to find a solution to their problems fast. If you cannot provide it, they will move on to your competitor. In the same vein, you relay your most important points at the top of your article so that you can lay down your predicate even if the readers lose their attention.
  4. Make it interesting — Aesthetics still count a lot to making your visitors stay around. For instance, if you add a video on your landing site, the conversion rate will increase by 86%. The trick is to strike a balance between visually arresting design and making it simple.  A cluttered page is a recipe for disaster.
  5. Use correct images – Photos and videos are not fillers. They serve to amplify your point or evoke a specific emotion from your reader. Do not place images or graphics on your website without a purpose. Remember to highlight your value proposition and what makes you unique from your competitors.
  6. Optimise your form fields – Whether you are asking your visitors to participate in a survey or buy a product from your online store, you want them to write their details. But they would not do that if they do not trust your forms.
  7. Cut down on text — People are drawn to photos, images, infographics, and videos. You only have the luxury of a few seconds to capture their undivided attention. For example, when the content ratio is more on graphics compared to text, the conversion rate increases by 14%. For B2B transactions, reducing your text will boost conversion by 50%.
  8. Optimise for mobile — People nowadays do most of their activities on their phone, from checking their social media, sending and reading emails, searching on Google, booking a restaurant or hotel, and shopping. You stand to lose potential customers if your landing page is not mobile-ready. For example, if your website is optimised for mobile, your landing page conversion rate will increase by 12%.

How to ask for feedback from customers

The landing page refers to the standalone page that is created specifically to convert your leads. It is part of your digital marketing campaign and considered one of the initial steps in building a relationship with prospective customers.

Two elements define the landing page:

  • It is optimized that allows you to capture visitor data. For example, the visitor will input their personal information in exchange for a discount or a freebie. So what is it about landing pages that work especially well when trying to attract freemium sign-ups and customers for free trials? It’s their simplicity that makes landing pages the best option when it comes to increasing your conversion rates. Examples of effective and simple landing page design can be found in the successful cases of the team. When potential customers are directed to a landing page, they are offered a visually appealing and brief look at what the product does with a hassle-free route to try it out or find out more.
  • It is created with the singular purpose of converting your leads into paying customers.
  • Two elements define the landing page:

Hiring SEO companies in Brisbane will significantly make your life easier. You can increase your chances of boosting your landing page conversion and maximize your investment.