PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy includes a mat that vibrates at specific frequencies, providing oscillating movements to the body. In this therapy, low-level radiation of electromagnetic nature is used in order to heal the body against pain, and injury, and stimulate body organs. At a therapeutic frequency, you get to avail these benefits stated above without putting yourself at risk for any side effects. Research indicates that PEMFs help in healing the bones fast, help in the regeneration of new body cells given they are damaged, alleviate pain from different conditions such as arthritis, and much more. What’s more, it provides energy to your mitochondria that helps influence a lot of activities you do, improving your functioning and longevity.

The invention isn’t new as the application of this field of therapy is there since electricity has been discovered. With wide application in different parts of the world, more and more people are getting aware of its benefits and now bringing PEMF mats to home for availing the benefits required.

How Can Use PEMF at Home Benefit You?

There are a lot of health benefits of using PEMF at home. Some of the health benefits of using a PEMF machine at home include the following:

Improved Immunity

Using PEMF mats at home help you in improving your immunity to a significant degree. When your immune system works at its best, you are better able to stay safe from a number of preventable conditions. Your longevity also improves to a significant degree.

Improved Sleep

When you are using PEMF mats to your best, your sleeping patterns also improve to a significant extent. Improved sleep cycles help you to perform your activities better in the day, which ultimately improves your productivity and creativity.

Lowered Mental Issues

Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are on the rise. With the help of PEMF therapy at home regularly, you experience a sense of more calm and relaxation. It ultimately helps you feel better and get rid of anxiety and depression.

Improved Bone Health

Our bones get weaker when they aren’t as dense as they should be. The oscillations coming from the PEMF mat help you to improve bone density, which saves your bones from getting fractured.

Improved Energy

The oscillations from the PEMF mat help you in feeling energized. How? They help you in relaxing your stiff muscles and improving the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body. It helps you to feel healthier and more energetic than before.

How to Use PEMF at Home?

It is recommended that you take 10 to 12-minute sessions of PEMF sessions on a daily basis. You are supposed to lay on the PEMF mat and turn the settings adjustment to a moderate degree or as indicated in the instruction manual. Once you are able to perform it on a regular note, you will see maximum results coming from it. PEMF therapy is non-invasive. However, you can get the therapy comfortably as you wear clothes. You need to remove any jewelry items, credit cards, or metal pieces as they would interfere with the therapy being provided to you.

Some Handy Tips

Stay hydrated and drink water prior to and after your session for PEMF. It will help you get the best effect. Don’t use this treatment given you are expecting a baby, are lactating, have any electrical implants, have any cardiac health issues, have any history related to epilepsy or seizures, have high drug serum or alcohol serum levels, or have any transplantation history.

You need to make sure you don’t use the mat above your chest area, head, or neck region, especially if you’ve had a heart condition or breast implantation. PEMF therapy can be used every day, but it is not recommended to be used multiple times a day. Using the device twice a week must suffice. You can use the device for 12 minutes or so to gain maximum benefits in one session.

Final Word

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