Update Your Work Wear With Tanzanite & Other Precious Stones


Jewelry is a terrific way to finish off formal attire. Jewelry can be the finishing touch that completes your style, whether you’re attending a formal occasion or just want to dress up. There are many distinct kinds of formal dress ensembles, and each one necessitates unique jewelry. 

You won’t need much jewelry if you’re dressed in a black tuxedo with a white shirt and bow tie. Different diamonds will suit your evening gown better than others if you’re wearing long earrings and a necklace. Here are a few pointers on how to select the ideal formal wear accessories.

Different Types of Jewelry for Work

The sort of formal attire you’re wearing is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting jewelry for formal wear. If you’re wearing a traditional black tuxedo, your formal wear jewelry options will be limited to white diamonds or Tanzanite necklaces and earrings, as gold and silver metals will clash. If you’re wearing an evening gown or a different hue, you’ll have a wider selection of gems to choose from.

If you’re not sure which colors go with your formal attire better than others, shop until you find one. Yellow, for example, looks well with gold robes; purple looks great with silver accessories; and red contrasts beautifully with silver tones.

Jewelry Appropriate for the Office 

Wear diamonds that compliment the hues in your attire if you’re wearing a formal dress or suit. If you’re wearing an evening gown with gold and black embellishments, for example, opt for diamond-studded earrings and a Ruby necklace. Jewelry composed of high-quality moldavite crystal is also available. With your formal attire, this will look fantastic.

How to Match Your Jewelry With Your Outfit?

It’s critical to understand the suitable jewelry when selecting formal attire. Your accessories should match your attire in terms of formality and elegance. An outfit can be made or broken by the jewelry it wears. With that in mind, choose a necklace or a Tanzanite pendant with a lengthy chain for more formal gatherings or a short, dazzling necklace for a more relaxed formal affair. When getting ready, don’t forget about your jewelry. It can make the difference between casual and formal appearances.

All About Earrings

People wear earrings as one of the most prevalent pieces of formal jewelry. They’re affordable and go with almost any outfit. Earrings will usually provide a touch of glitz to your outfit while keeping you looking classy in formal events such as a wedding or a formal dinner party.

The problem is determining which sort of formal dress pairs best with which type. Earrings that match your clothing are appropriate for formal occasions. Consider wearing matching blue Tanzanite stud Earrings or sapphire drop earrings in a formal setting if your outfit is black and blue or cream. 

When choosing earrings for formal attire, bear in mind that larger pieces may distract from the collar area, which is where accessories are worn less frequently during formal gatherings. Earrings can be worn close to the face, just below the eye level, or they can be worn lower on the ear.

All About Necklaces

Necklaces play a significant role in formal attire. They add a touch of class to formal events. Examine your dress’s neckline before purchasing jewelry. Choose a Tanzanite necklace with smaller jewels in the center if you have an empire waist; if you want something more striking for formal gatherings, go for chunky stones or large gemstones in vivid hues like red or pink.

About Bracelets and Watches

Formal attire is less formal than evening wear when it comes to bracelets, so you can usually get away with a lesser bracelet. For instance, if your ensemble is all black and white, you could add a little contrast with an elaborate purple Tanzanite bracelets link chain or cuff. If your formal dress includes gloves, your greatest jewelry option may not be bracelets at all, but earrings, which are easier to put on while wearing gloves. Finally, formal timepieces should match the color and style of your other accessories, so don’t feel compelled to buy the correct watch for every occasion.

All About Rings

When it comes to rings, it’s critical to match your ring’s stones to your formal dress. Instead of white gold or sapphires , choose an emerald or bluestone like Tanzanite rings, if you’re wearing a yellow gold dress on the bodice. Aquamarine is also a good choice due to its lovely deep color, which goes well with formal clothing. It also represents optimism and faithfulness.

The correct formal wear jewelry may complement your formal clothing and pull it all together for a polished, sophisticated style you’ll be glad to flaunt on such a special event. For the best impression, match the stones in your ring to formal attire.


Necklaces, bracelets, and watches aren’t always appropriate for formal occasions. You’ll want to match your jewelry to your dress for a seamless effect. If you’re going to work in an office, for example, it’s better not to wear any dangling earrings because they might get caught on papers or other objects.

Danglers, on the other hand, are more ideal for evening events such as proms or weddings when paired with a nicer dress or gown, as they will take attention away from anything but themselves when worn appropriately. When deciding what pieces of jewelry to add to your formal attire, keep these rules in mind.