Health is one of the most important part, that one should look for. A healthy lifestyle improves one’s mind. It improves one’s body language and boosts up his self-confidence. Life is something that one cannot predict. A healthy lifestyle improves one’s attitude towards work. A healthy life can be made by taking up a proper diet and doing regular exercise. Although these things are very useful, still it has been observed that many fit people get caught by various diseases. Many small children are getting a cardiac arrest or the disease which was earlier found in old people. Thus, at any moment, one cannot predict what will happen to him. It is very necessary to have a backup plan for the family. What will happen to the person in the future, he cannot predict. If the individual is the only earner of the family, then it will create more complications in the family. There is a solution for every difficult situation in one’s life. For this complication, the solution is health insurance. Health insurance is one of the most important things that every member of the family should have. Although it looks very simple thing, but it is also very important to check up on all the terms and conditions before signing up the contract. Reading out the company policy, co-payment in insurance and premium payment rates is very necessary.

There are various types of insurance which are provided by different companies like insurance of car or bike, home insurance, and health insurance. Different insurance policy companies have different terms and conditions.

One should know everything about the insurance and ask all the necessary question which arise in their minds to their insurance agent.

Let’s discuss co-payment terms in insurance. First of all, let’s discuss what is co-payment in insurance.

Co-payment is the simple word that can be determined as the percentage of the amount of the money that the insured person will pay from the total percentage in the amount of money of the claimed money. The rest percentage will be paid by the company in which the insurance was approved.

Let’s discuss the term with the help of an example. Suppose Rina’s mother has undergone surgery, which costs nearly ₹2.5 lakhs. Rina, while accepting the insurance policy, has promised to pay 10% of the claimed money. Then ₹25000 will be paid by Rina will rest of the money that is 90%, will be paid by the insurance company.

This article deals all about the policy term that is co-payment. Its features and needs.

One needs to pay the co-payment because one needs to find out how one needs to contribute to the medical bill. Its features are listed below:

  1. One only needs to clear out the partial payment; the major payment will be cleared by the insurance company only.
  2. It is applied to every small medical expense that is expenses that have occurred during hospitalization, medicine charges, and fees for the doctor visit, or expenses of laboratory tests.
  3. Insurance plans which have large and more medical premiums will generally have a low co-payment percentage.
  4. It is generally considered in the insurance plans for senior citizens of the family.
  5. It generally helps by saving the cost and lowing down unnecessary claims.

Listed below are some of the importance or the need for co-payment in an insurance policy.

  1. It, first of all, reduces the tension and risk between the applicants and insurance policy providers. Though, the applicants have to bear a minimum amount of money.
  2. It will reduce the heavy burden of paying out the large premium payments.
  3. The senior citizens of the family who already have the pre-existing disease will get the premium at quite a lower rate with this clause.
  4. It will also reduce the misuse of the luxury facilities of the hospital because it will discourage the policyholder not to increase the claim as he will also have to pay a little amount of money.

Thus this all will lead to lessening the misuse of health insurance policy that the company has been providing.

These were some of the features and importance of co-payment in the health insurance policy.

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