Top video marketing trends in 2023


Top video marketing trends in 2023

Marketing trends are the things you need to keep up with as they determine whether you step ahead on the market full of competitors or lag behind.

Digitalization has penetrated in merely all fields of activity. And it brought brief promo as a versatile tool of communication with the target audience.

So, even if your marketing is full of efficient instruments and you have blogs, articles, pics, twits, mail marketing with HTML letters, pop-ups, sliders, and conveying PDF presentations available for downloading on your web sources, — do not stigmatize explainer  as a method to level your marketing campaign up.

But of course, producing a promo just for having it is not an aim. You need a tool nailing and hooking your customers or prospects. You need it to sail your products or services.

To create something of that kind you have to get acquainted with the most popular videos and observe the video marketing trends 2021  

Make a story of a “Story”

When Snapchat incorporated “story”, all the other social media followed the idea. The form was not changed. The innovation was limiting of time — setting 24 hours for watching a published story and then it’s gone forever. The post automatically vanishes adds some value to it as there later will not be any possibility of tracing the things your friend has shown.

This kind of game became significantly popular on Facebook, Instagram, and websites like YouTube. Consider this as an opportunity to use short capturing videos for your marketing strategy.

Use Instagram

This social media remains popular. Near 800 million users deal with it each month and near 250 million users deploy Stories daily.

Marketers have already taken into consideration the potential of this community.

Performing short explainers remains in the top trends of marketing in the current year.

Use LinkedIn

This platform is undisputably the right place to present your business and brand. The volume of the promo videos shown on this social media is increasing.

Short and easy-to-understand how-to-video or storytelling videos are showing the best results in retaining the viewers’ attention.

Use TikTok

Did you know that this media was ranked as the most downloaded non-gaming app on Apple Store?

The audience of TikTok reached  1.4 billion in 2023 users and doesn’t stop at all. (Source)

The platform encourages people to videos up to 15 seconds long.

If your product or service’s target audience is teenagers and youth till 20-25, then it is high time to work out your marketing campaign with a series of 15 seconds videos. Click here to know more about how TikTok’s algorithm will work for you and your business.


Among the most important video marketing trends one concerns the very usage of this tool. In recent years near 85% of firms used video in their marketing. While in 2016 this number was 61%. The dynamic is impressive and shows that all businesses will employ videos for promoting their goods and services in the coming years.

Besides the pure statistics, these numbers reveal the efficiency of the tool. As it is not so cheap, marketers and business owners wouldn’t have a desire to use it more and more if it wasn’t worth that.

Educational Videos

The trend of remote education was enhanced and multiplied by the coronavirus pandemic. And now hundreds of millions of people work remotely and more than one billion students across the world are learning from home.

The market of digital education had been growing before the pandemic burst out. And now the tempo of its growth has sky-rocketed. Videos play a crucial role in the process of remote education.

Catch the trend and develop your educational business.

Final thoughts

Video content starts dominating the whole Internet space. And if you are thinking about employing this tool for your aims the last but not the least info for your consideration is about the aims which marketers are using videos for.

The top positions keep explainer videos, — presentations, testimonials, sales videos, and video ads.

So, follow the video trends, define the aim of your video, and launch promotion.