The Ultimate Guide to Numerology: Everything to Know


    Understanding how numerology works can give you the introspection you’ve been missing. Many believe that our connections with numbers are everywhere and in everything we do.

    The clarity you’ve been missing in your life could be right in front of you and you’re just missing it. Our guide to numerology can help you see what you’ve been missing.

    In this article, we answer the question ‘what is numerology’ and teach about calculating with numerology. Continue reading to learn more about yourself and your destiny.

    What Is Numerology?

    You may be asking yourself ‘what is numerology’? Numerology is the study of the influence of numbers. Many believe each number has its own personality and specific vibration that has power in our lives. Here is the list of Psychic Reading Sites:

    How Numerology Works

    Understanding how numerology works involves understanding where it came from. Pythagoras, considered to be the father of numerology, was a skilled mathematician.

    During his studies of numbers, he came to believe that everything in life had a numerical value. Specifically, numerology developed three main numbers to tell you about your future. These numbers are your life path number, destiny number, and psychic number.

    Life Path Number

    Many compare your life path number to your astrology sign, specifically your sun sign. This tells you about your experiences, your ambitions, and your life’s purpose.

    To calculate this number, add up the number in your date of birth, then reduce it to a single number. For example, someone born on September 4th, 1993 would have a life number of 8.



    Destiny Number

    Your destiny number references the number associated with your name. To find this number, use your full name and the guide below:

    1: A, J, S

    2: B, K, T

    3: C, L, U

    4: D, M, V

    5: E, N, W

    6: F, O, X

    7: G, P, Y

    8: H, Q, Z

    9: I, R

    For example, Jane Doe Smith = (1+1+5+5) + (4+6+5) + (1+4+9+2+8) = 12+15+24=51, 5+1=6. The number 6 is the destiny number in this case.

    Psychic Number

    Your psychic number adds up your day of birth. For example, if you were born on the 4th, your number is four.

    Master Numbers

    Master numbers in numerology are not reduced into a single number. There are three master numbers: 11, 22, and 33.

    Master number 11 is connected to wisdom and intuition. Master number 22 is thought to signify the ability to create something valuable and meaningful. Master number 33 is reserved for those about to experience greatness.

    Individual Numbers

    Our guide to numerology explains what these numbers mean in your life. For your own unique numerology reading, click here.

    Number 1

    The number 1 signifies independence, leadership, determination, and sometimes selfishness. It can also lead to loneliness.

    Number 2

    The number 2 represents peace, sensitivity, and balance. These traits may lead to an avoidance of conflict, which can lead to feeling unacknowledged.

    Number 3

    The number 3 indicates enthusiasm, inspiration, and optimism. However, it can also be moody.

    Number 4

    The number 4 recognizes stability, hard work, and cautiousness. Number 4 can become stubborn if not careful.

    Number 5

    The number 5 indicates freedom, progressiveness, and sexuality. If not kept in check, 5 can become impatient and impulsive.

    Number 6

    The number 6 is all about duty, responsibility, and care. It has the ability to heal both emotional and physical problems. However, not everything needs to be healed and it sometimes needs to learn to trust.

    Number 7

    The number 7 is recognized for skepticism, perfectionism, and sometimes loneliness. It can quickly find flaws but needs to be sure to counter its sense of skepticism with objectivity.

    Number 8

    The number 8 represents success, recognition, and power. It is a very ambitious number that can be controlling and possessive.

    Number 9

    The number 9 signifies compassion, spirituality, and forgiveness. However, its focus on spiritual awareness often overlooks balance with things that are tangible.

    Start Utilizing Our Guide to Numerology

    Our guide to numerology is a great tool to use on your way to self-discovery. Many believe that our connections with numbers are everywhere. They also believe that if used effectively, they can tell you more about yourself and your life than you ever imagined.

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