When we were young, we were all students who went to school, learned knowledge, and grew up. We have all met many teachers. Some of them were very good, and others were hardly worthy of respect. If so, what are the skills and qualities of a good teacher? This question has long been studied by educational psychology, and in this article, we will discuss the findings of this study.

First, before we talk about the qualities required to be a good teacher, we must recognize that the profession of ‘teacher’ is one of the most difficult and noble professions in the world. Teachers’  curricula and teaching methods require considerable intelligence and precision, which is not easy to recognize. Of course, this is not the only job for teachers. And, the teacher should understand the strengths and weaknesses of the students, awaken them, and be able to interact with the students as much as possible.

Qualities of a good teacher

Studies show that the quality of education increases significantly when teachers meet the following criteria:

Learning competency in one’s own subject: The teacher must have good knowledge and instructional ability in the subject being taught. Of course, this knowledge is more than just dealing with terms, facts and concepts. It is necessary to have an organized thinking, to understand how the elements of subjects are interrelated, and to continue research on this. It should also enable teachers to discuss all aspects of the subject and its subject matter and use that knowledge in other fields.

Teaching Strategies:   To teach well, you must first use the appropriate strategies. Today, the best strategies for teaching are considered participatory and constructive strategies. Through this, students can grow into little theorists who create their own world. Therefore, strategies that stimulate students to critically explore, discover, and think are required.

Goal setting and instructional planning:   Effective teachers are not swayed by the moment. They set specific goals for their classes and make plans to achieve them. A good plan takes a lot of time. However, you can learn more challenging and interesting content.
Appropriate practices for development: As students grow, they should be able to change the way they learn and change the way they deal with their difficulties. Therefore, the teacher should be in a position to develop appropriate educational materials for each stage of the student’s development, and of course, it is necessary to know the various stages of the child’s development.

Skills needed in the classroom

Classroom Management Skills:   An important characteristic of a good teacher is that the whole class must be considered. It is good to work as a team and use a project for this. To do this, teachers need several skills. It covers setting rules, forming groups, overseeing work, and dealing with bad behavior.

Being too strict with extremes, or, conversely, being too loose on punishment, has very negative consequences for teaching. In the classroom, it should be possible to unite students’ classes and opinions in a democratic way.

Motivational skills:   When students lack or lack of motivation, the quality of education is reduced to the same extent. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to use strategies to stimulate interest in the learning topic. For effective instruction, teachers can improve the quality of education by turning educational tasks into creative and stimulating activities.

Communication Skills:  Teachers should be good debaters and should be familiar with arguments and presentations. Good teachers have no problem adapting their way of expressing themselves to the needs of their students. Not only in communication with students, but also in the rest of school life.

Differences and diversity

Acknowledging individual differences:  No two students are ever the same. Each student has their own abilities and learning process. Being a good teacher means being able to recognize these individual differences. In addition, they must apply their teachings to individual students.

Effective classes from diverse cultural backgrounds: Today, students from relatively diverse cultural backgrounds often belong to classes. Therefore, another skill that teachers need to master is being aware of the culture of their students to enhance interaction in the classroom. Students should be encouraged to actively engage with each other and prevent cultural conflicts.

Assessment Ability:

Technical skills:   When used correctly, technology can be an effective tool to improve the quality of education for students. For this reason, competent teachers need up-to-date knowledge of new technologies. You also need to know how to use these skills most effectively in an educational setting. If necessary, students should be able to become familiar with this skill.

What does it mean to be a good teacher?

There are two criteria for evaluating teachers . One is the character that distinguishes between good and bad teachers, and has the capacity and ability to distinguish between competent and incompetent teachers . However, although character and competency are highly related, they do not always coincide . A good teacher can be incompetent , and a bad teacher can be competent . Of course, a good teacher would be a good teacher.

Are you a good teacher? Are you a bad teacher?

Personality is a compound word of nature and dignity. ‘Temperament ‘ is the spiritual basis or the unique basis inherent in an object or phenomenon, and ‘ quality ‘ refers to the degree of good or bad, or dignity and dignity of an object. Character is ‘ the overall expression of a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Regarding the teacher’s character problem, there are self-esteem and self-reflection ability related to the inner self , love and consideration related to relationships, and passion, sense of duty , and practical ability related to work and behavior.

area Character
inside the teacher Self-esteem, sense of calling, educational philosophy and belief, self-reflection ability, etc.
relation love for existence, caring, etc.
work and behavior Passion, sense of duty, practical ability, the spirit of the times, etc.


A Teacher Relationship with Student

Teachers do not work alone but must collaborate with fellow teachers within the school organization, and spend a lot of time teaching students. The basic basis for building relationships is the love of being. A teacher must have a heart and attitude that loves students fundamentally. Humans have a mixture of selfish tendencies and altruistic tendencies. However, teachers must have an inherently altruistic attitude. Therefore, a person with a greater selfish disposition should not become a teacher. A person who does not love his students should not be a teacher. Even if you had a love for students at first, if you have lost your love for students for one reason or another, you should stop teaching.

A teacher’s love for students alone is not enough. If a teacher truly loves a student, it should be expressed in the act of ‘ caring ‘. Caring is the willingness to help or care for. It is necessary to build the self-esteem of the students and to show consideration and behavior from the students’ point of view.


Through the skills needed for teachers that we have discussed so far, we were able to get a glimpse of the capabilities and standards of teachers required by society today . Of course, it seems almost impossible for a single human to satisfy all these requirements. That way, you can see how many responsibilities a teacher’s job has. The job of a teacher requires a different level of responsibility from the work of the general society.