If you have never worn mala beads before, they are an exquisite item of jewelry that are commonly worn as necklaces or bracelets. In their original design, they were for people of the Buddhist faith, but they have gradually expanded to become more mainstream over time. Even if you do not have a specific spiritual side, they make a nice addition to a whole host of different outfits. So, here is a brief guide that can give you a helping hand on when and how to wear them.

Origins of Mala Beads

To start off with, let’s take a closer look at where and when mala beads originated. Well, their origins can be traced back to India when they were historically used to keep track of the days, as well as for keeping accounts. The beads were either laid in rows or strung up. As well as being used in prayer and meditation, they can also be used in a decorative capacity. While some Buddhists prefer to keep the beads to themselves, there are others who wear them and enjoy getting noticed as a result of this. Commonly, they can be made from rudraksha seeds or carved from sandalwood. Alternatively, they can also be made from gemstone beads.

All About Mala Necklaces

Often, these mala necklaces are worn in a personal capacity by people who are members of the Buddhist faith. There is a main row of 108 beads, which are often used for meditation or chanting activities. There are several reasons why such a specific number has been chosen. First of all, there are 108 energy lines leading to the heart chakra, and this number is also said to be the number of stages there are in a human journey. This is also the number of inhales and exhales that is said to lead to enlightenment. In the modern world, it is easy to access these necklaces in a host of different styles, from the likes of omshivoham.com.

All About Mala Bracelets

The other main area in which mala beads are available is in the form of bracelets. Generally, these are made up of 18 beads, and they can also be used during prayers. The number 18 is used as it helps Buddhists to keep track of the number of times that they are supposed to chant in cycles. There are plenty of different types of beads and crystals that are used to make these necklaces in the modern age. They are also said to possess various healing properties, and they can also help you out with the task of increasing your levels of focus when you are trying to meditate and can even move the journey along towards enlightenment.

There you have a brief guide to mala beads, what they are all about, and how they are commonly worn. You may not be sure about which set to your own jewelry box, but there are plenty of different styles and designs available, so you should be able to find one that you love.