Revamping Your Website

Gone are the days when only the most-premium brands had a URL attached with their names. Now, every business – from the ones making it to the Forbes list to the ones that have just started – comes with a website of its own.

Well, websites indeed have become a modern-day necessity. And why not, since almost everything has gone online – from shopping to learning. But, if there’s a specific online trend that has received the most positive response, it’s shopping.

And thanks to this ever-increasing inclination of the masses towards online shopping, nowadays businesses do not think twice before launching a website that hauls in new customers. And if the website is aesthetically pleasing, then boom – it will not take much time for your business to become the new big thing!

A research just proved how 94% of first impressions relate to one’s website’s web design! So, if you think your website design is somewhat missing the knack, it’s time you should revamp it. Here are 4 things you must do:

  1. Make it easy-to-use

This tip is so important, you just cannot skip it! Feasibility is the key to success – especially when it comes to websites. Unpopular opinion, but one of the most common characteristics of a noob website is its complexity.

Like for instance, have you ever visited Apple’s website? It is so easy-to-use and seems as organized as a well-maintained library! That is because the developers have put in all the efforts to make it as user-friendly as possible.

From clearly labeling the tabs to reducing the number of steps – every specific thing is taken care of in detail! And that’s exactly what you must do, now that you are finally remodeling your website. Make it as customer-friendly as possible. Remove the unnecessary tabs and steps and make it look ravishingly minimal!

  1. Work on the interface

Again, a tip worth a million dollars! Let’s get it straight – out of the many big and small agendas, the ultimate motive behind revamping your website to the core should be to provide a good user experience to the visitors. And trust me, the foundation of a wonderful user experience lays in the website’s user interface.

But the question is – how can you exactly ace that? Well, it is simple – make it nice and consistent! Yes, you heard that right! Consistency in the user interface not just makes your website look less flashy and more decent, but it also ensures the whole site doesn’t look unnecessarily sophisticated.

So, make it a point to bring consistency to your website. Make sure all the web pages resonate with each other in terms of color scheme, fonts, etc.

  1. Good content is a requisite

Yes, yes, we’re talking web design here. But come on – without some good content, a well-designed website is just as futile as an empty canvas!

Content is king, and 2020 has been the year that left no stone unturned to prove this. Most of the visitors come to take a sneak peek at your website because of the content. Hence, taking care of the content post-revamping your website is just as imperative as any of the two tips listed above.

Make sure you do not compromise with your website’s content at any cost. Work on making them informative and intriguing. Trust me, it’s worth the effort!

  1. Mind the links’ colors

Small yet significant! Visuals play a very important role in the case of a website. So now that you are giving it a retouch, why miss this facet? If you have a website that is bombarded with a number of useful links, we suggest you make a clear distinction between the visited and the unvisited links. And how can you do so?

Simply change the color of the link that has been visited. You can always do these touch ups through a tool like Stillio. This way, it becomes far more easy for the website visitors to keep a track of their surfing.

Over to you…

Websites – important to develop but hard to maintain, thanks to the regularly springing trends. Here, we cited 4 things you must not forget to do while revamping your website. Read this guide and get the best out of your website.