At the end of an unforgettable summer, it may be time to store your Jeep Wrangler soft top. A hardtop offers additional protection and insulation from the elements, but be sure your soft top is properly stored to avoid mildew, rodent and other types of damage. Follow these steps to safely store your soft top for a few weeks or for an entire season.

Clean Your Soft Top

The first step is to completely clean your top. A dirty soft top can become stained, scratch the window panels or experience mildew issues. Use your soft top cleaner or a mild detergent to gently scrub away any dirt and grime before preparing for storage.

Give your top plenty of time to dry before putting it in storage. A damp top is likely to grow mold and mildew in storage, which can be difficult to remove and can compromise your soft top. Depending on your climate, it can take a few days for a soft top to completely dry.

Fold It Carefully

It’s best to store your cover folded up. This makes it easier to remove and install when you’re ready for the convenience and comfortable ride of a soft top Jeep CJ. Follow the included instructions to safely remove your soft top.

If you have separate door panels, remove them as well and prepare them for storage. Follow the included steps for carefully folding up your top to take up the least amount of space possible in your garage or other storage area.

Use this time to carefully inspect your cover. Soft tops only have an estimated lifespan of 5 years or less. If your top is already tattered or worn, prepare to order a new one for the next soft top season. It’s much less disappointing to discover a hole or tear at the end of the season than right before a big trip.

Find an Indoor Storage Space

Attempting to store a Jeep soft top outdoors usually ends in mildew and UV ray damage. Find an indoor storage area as you swap out a soft top with your hardtop or other soft top style. There are many storage hangers and bags to seal up your top and keep it safely tucked out of the way.

The most common issues that can occur in storage are mildew, moisture and rodent damage. As long as your top is fully dried and sealed from moisture or rodents in a storage bag, you can enjoy a secure storage space for weeks or months.

Follow the included installation instructions to attach hangers or a bag to the wall or ceiling of your garage. This reduces the space your stored cover takes up in your garage without storing it outside.

Shop for a New Top and Other Accessories

Is it too late for your soft top? Shop for a replacement Jeep Wrangler YJ soft top to replace one that’s been chewed by mice or damaged by mildew. Follow these steps with your new top to enjoy a long-lasting option for your next Jeep venture. Swap out tops from season to season to fall in love with your Jeep all over again.