Do you need a good metal to set your diamond wedding ring with? What is the best alternative? Diamonds are popular for its shiny features and classy look which makes it a great option for the stone. But metals have different characteristics which makes it rather difficult to choose one over the other. If you need to choose, an amazing option would be platinum rings.

What makes platinum the best metal to set diamond rings on? It’s because they have a natural white sheen to them that looks perfect as wedding bands. They are also durable, have a unique tone to them, and best of all, platinum is resistant to scratches.

Will platinum wedding ring styles suit you? Which styles would go well for your wedding? What makes platinum stand out from the rest? Read more below.

Exploring Your Diamond Wedding Ring Options in Platinum

Platinum works great as its silver-white appearance makes the perfect wedding look. It is also hypoallergenic which lowers the risk of triggering allergies to the wearer. Most platinum jewelry doesn’t contain nickel. Platinum also ages well and can give a new character to the ring.

  • Platinum Side Stone Wedding Rings

Side stone design wedding rings are very popular styles. The best thing about this is that you can do the style with diamonds and other stones. Sapphire is a wonderful combination or you could choose a gemstone that means a lot to you. The side stones help highlight the diamond center stone. Just remember not to overdo it.

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  • Platinum Scalloped Wedding Rings

Scalloped-style platinum wedding rings are also very eye-catching. This style can work with French pavé-set round diamond stones set to go around the ring. This gives the ring a bright shimmer and a glamorous appeal. This style makes your ring bright and elegant no matter which direction the light hits it. It’s one of the best pieces of platinum jewelry you can wear on your wedding.

  • Platinum Seven-Stone Wedding Rings

Seven-stone platinum wedding rings showcase seven round diamond stones on the ring. The diamonds that are set on the platinum ring emit a wonderful array of sparkles when directly hit with light. This enhances the charm of the ring and also makes it noticeable even from afar.

Making Your Wedding Ring True to Your Style

Platinum wedding rings have an extra weight with them. But this is also what makes people love this metal. The weight of the ring makes it feel more valuable and durable. 

If you want to invest in a diamond wedding ring that’s true to its cost, platinum is going to be one of your best decisions. You can also ensure that you get a perfect diamond if you choose the best lab diamonds Vancouver has to offer. Look for the perfect platinum diamond wedding ring design that suits you the best now!