Managing Waste at a Factory: A Quick Guide

Managing Waste at a Factory:

Factories are notorious for producing waste. That’s not necessarily a bad thing: the manufacturing or production process is always liable to error and wastage, and there’s a business incentive to reduce that as far as possible. But whether it’s electrical waste or material waste, there’s still more than facilities can do to manage their waste better, reducing the amount that reaches the landfill. In this guide, you’ll learn what you can do to better manage the waste your own factory experiences over the months and years.


Waste in a factory should filter into a system that collects, compresses, and deposits stacks of waste for collection – either by recycling agencies, or by waste collection companies. This system might involve conveyor belts that ship certain waste, especially packaging that’s recyclable, to an area in your facility. From here, humans or machines can sort the waste, and deposit it in different balers, which help compress the waste into manageable and neat cubes.

From here, you’ll want wire, from baling wire direct, to tie these cubes up and to prepare the cubes from transportation. Having a reliable company take these cubes away is the final stage in your waste processing system and will help you manage waste in your factory or facility.

Reducing Waste

Material waste is produced as the result of poor processes that have not been honed to produce less waste. If you’re shipping out tons of waste every month, it might be worth considering what you can do to reduce that weight to only that which is strictly necessary. You might be able, for instance, to:

  • Invest in new machinery that’s better able to reduce the waste at different parts of your production line
  • Train your human workers in techniques that’ll help them to reduce the waste that they create
  • Make sure that you’re only using recyclable packaging and materials, so that all the off-cuts and errors end up recycled rather than in a landfill.

All of these tips will help you to tackle your waste, save cash on materials and waste management, and save the planet at the very same time.

Wasted Energy

While we’re on the topic of saving the planet, let’s take a look at your facility’s use of energy. It’s likely that you’re using a huge amount of energy to run your machines, to keep the lights on, and to keep producing your end product on your production line. That’s absolutely fine: you’ll have to use this energy in order to run as a business.

But are there any areas in which you can cut down your usage? Can machines be turned off, lights switched off, for more of the day? Might you be able to put up solar panels, or wind turbines, so that some of the energy that you use is generated using renewable power? Being greener as a firm is something that you can wear proudly on your sleeve, helping you to win more clients and customers for your efforts in this vital area.

There you have it: three key ways in which you can manage and reduce your firm’s waste, making for a cheaper business and a less polluted planet.