Key tips on using woven baskets

Key tips on using woven baskets

A wicker basket is pretty useful for many homes for several good reasons. Firstly, it’s a comfortable storage unit for many items in your home. You can also use a wicker basket as decor to add a comfy and cozy feel to the interior of the house. 

The good news is that a wicker basket comes with different looks and types to match the interior of your home. That said, there are several important uses of these baskets. This article discusses the key tips on using woven baskets.

Wicker baskets for storage

Wicker baskets of any type are great for storing all forms of things including towels in the bathroom and firewood in the living room. Therefore, you can choose a wicker basket depending on the functions you intend them to perform. In most cases, traditional wicker baskets tend to add a rustic touch for vintage rooms or even industrial rooms.

You can decide to place a wicker basket on the floor just next to the sofa and place some blankets. This can be comfy storage space and you can use the blankets when you feel like utilizing them. Or else, you can place your spices into a wicker basket and get them when you want them. You can even make a wall-mount shelf utilizing a basket and a wooden board. 

If you take a look around your home, there is a good chance that there are a couple of woven baskets you don’t use. However, these are accessories that come in handy when you want to organize the craft supplies or even for carrying the picnic lunch to your favorite park. This is a good time to rethink the uses of woven baskets. Keep in mind that these baskets are lightweight, cheap, and look excellent when displayed in any room.

There are endless materials and types of wicker baskets to choose from, making it easy to select the one that matches your personal style. It’s a common practice to use wicker baskets to store items. You can also use them to keep wood for the fireplace in your living space. 

Decorating with wicker baskets

There are also a wide range of possibilities when it comes to decorating your home with wicker baskets. From hiding a bad-looking planter in a cool wicker basket to making a centerpiece of a wicker basket and flowers, you can choose to do almost anything. Wicker baskets are great for displaying all types of items like greenery and driftwood, pine cones with lights, seashells and stars. As you can see, you can make an entire accent wall by attaching wicker baskets to it.

It’s worth noting that you can also use wicker baskets to keep the counters clean. Organizing the kitchen counter is one of the activities that most people avoid, though you tend to feel better once it’s done. But with a wicker basket, you can easily put all the random items like oils and spices in place without any need of hiding them.