How to Manage Pain Caused by Lymphedema Total


Lymphedema refers to abnormal swelling on various parts of your body due to the buildup of lymphatic fluid. With the affected areas including but not limited to your fingers, arms, feet, and legs, this swelling can grow painful to the point of rendering you immobile.

If you have been diagnosed with lymphedema, you may find it challenging to cope with its associated pain and discomfort. These symptoms can grow more problematic if you don’t manage the condition.

Since there is no cure for lymphedema, you must actively prevent symptoms such as excessive pain. To help you through this path, here’s how you can manage pain caused by lymphedema.

Look Into a Compression Solution

When you find tips to manage chronic back pain or another skeletal issue, look into solutions such as chiropractic to help. But when the problem stems from poor lymphatic drainage, you need to turn towards targeted approaches that manage the excess buildup of lymph. One of these solutions is compression, which puts pressure on the area of swelling and eases up the discomfort.

Compression treatment can often work wonders for pain relief, whether you have lower extremity or upper extremity lymphedema. But for the treatment to be effective, you need to ensure that you are getting high-quality solutions from reliable sources.

Adopt a Regular Exercise Routine

Moving your limbs when they are swollen, uncomfortable, and painful can seem counterintuitive. But when you exercise regularly, this practice can effectively relieve the buildup of lymphatic fluid from areas such as your hands, arms, feet, and legs. Whether you hire an online senior fitness trainer or an in-person physiotherapist, targeted exercises can contribute to managing your lymphedema in the long run.

To get the most out of this approach, learn how to choose a personal trainer to help you reach your health goals. Instead of hiring a generalized trainer who may or may not helps with lymphedema, you can look for specialized professionals who have experience conducting exercises for your condition.

Try to Lose Excess Weight

How to Manage Pain Caused by Lymphedema Total

When you put on excess weight, it can also increase your chances for painful symptoms of lymphedema. With that being said, you don’t have to drag yourself through extreme difficulties to lose a few pounds within a couple of weeks. Instead, you can follow a careful yet gradual exercise and diet regime.

This ensures that you can healthily shed those excess pounds while also taking care of your overall wellbeing. You can also reach out to a personal trainer or a nutritionist to help you manage your exercise and healthy eating, respectively. This approach ensures you don’t compromise your general health in the name of reducing lymphedema pain.

Follow a Proper Sleeping Schedule

When you seek relief from the buildup of lymphatic fluid, looking into a proper sleeping schedule is a must-do practice. Since sleep improves our lymphatic and immune system, resting your body ensures that it can hold its own against lymphedema. From lavender tea to comfortable bedding, you can look into various solutions to ensure uninterrupted sleep.

By exploring different ways to improve the quality of your sleep, you can easily follow this practice without stressing yourself. This simple step could go a long way towards preventing excess lymph buildup and ensures that you can steer clear of pain that results from it.

Improve Your Overall Diet

When you are suffering from lymphedema, your protein intake plays a significant role in the overall intensity of your lymphedema. It’s because when you don’t get enough protein in your diet, it may result in your lymphatic fluid escaping into your bloodstream. If insufficient protein intake turns into a habit, it can essentially heighten your lymphedema as well as its associated pain.

If you have any issues with having a protein-rich diet, you can look into a meal delivery service that could take care of your dietary needs. This allows you to cater to your requirements without spending hours in the kitchen. In turn, you can consume the diet you need without much stress.

By following these suggestions, you can lower the intensity of your lymphedema and the pain that stems from it. Combining these tips with care from a qualified doctor can help you live a more fulfilling life.