Grey house exterior with entrance porch and red door. Beautiful front yard landscape with vivid flower and stones

Curb appeal can add anywhere from 7-14% to your home’s resale price.

It also makes your home super welcoming for you, your family, and any guests invited over!

But increasing curb appeal requires a specific strategy. With curb appeal, you can wow any onlookers and prospective homebuyers.

So keep reading to learn how to increase curb appeal. Below, we’ll explain several ways to improve and maintain the look of your beautiful home.

1. Improved Landscaping

Effective landscaping can tie together and improve your home’s outdoor design. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get creative and demonstrate what’s really special about the property.

Adding and customizing stone pathways can restructure the space and improve the safety of treading your yard. Rock and soil yards are less resource and finance-intensive, which could especially be a plus for homebuyers in desert areas. Incorporate some stunning patio seating and an outdoor kitchen, and you’ve also improved the outdoor space’s potential, thereby increasing its value!

2. House Washing

House washing improves the way your home looks. Businesses specializing in house washing, such as this company, will sustain the lifespan of your building’s materials, making it an essential part of home maintenance. This service can remove and prevent growths of substances like algae, mold, and mildew, which could otherwise leave the outdoor materials looking worse for wear.

A dirty-looking exterior isn’t going to entice many homebuyers. Algae, mold, and mildew degrading your home’s building materials will also incur repair and replacement costs. This leaves fewer funds aside for truly upgrading your property’s curb appeal.

3. New Coat of Paint

After washing your home, it’s time for a new coat of paint. Though you may not have realized it over time, the paint on your home’s exterior inevitably dulls with wear. But you’ll understand the difference a fresh coat of paint makes once applied.

Make full use of your residential painting project and paint the entire house! Your house will look a lot newer and cleaner, looking ready for new occupants for any potential homebuyers.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a landscaping feature and a frequently underrated one by homeowners. But when well-utilized, outdoor lighting can add some truly ambient lighting to a home’s outdoor space. It also improves the safety of those spending time outdoors.

From lanterns to fairy lights, there are many options for homeowners of various design preferences. Homebuyers will appreciate this final touch, and many are willing to spend their dollars on a home whose upgrades extend to detailed modifications such as outdoor lighting improvement.

Learning How to Increase Curb Appeal

After learning how to increase curb appeal, your home will be extra palatable to buyers. They’ll be willing to pay a premium for a home they don’t need to beautify themselves!

This guide is an excellent resource for learning how to increase curb appeal. Check our other content out if this article helped! We’ve got plenty of other content for savvy property owners like you.