How Numerology Impacts Your Personality Traits

Numerology is a powerful way to interpret numbers that appear to communicate answers to your questions. A sequence of digits can inform you of synchronistic events and direct you toward a person, place or event that adds meaning to your life.

Your personality traits and higher self are reflected through numerical symbols. Certain numbers may also appear in unexpected ways and alert you to stay away from danger or move closer to something positive.

What a Life Path Number Is

Your life path number is a unique guide that can help you chart a more assured course towards your destiny. It’s the most important number to understand in your spiritual blueprint, and once you learn how to recognize its symbolism, you can use it to overcome obstacles.

Knowing how to find your life path number is as easy as simple addition. The first step is to jot down the month, day and year of your birthday in numerical format. For example, a birthday of December 16, 1983, would be written as 12-16-1983. Then add up the digits for the month, day and year to reduce them to a single digit.

December, which is 12, requires adding together 1 + 2 to find 3.

With your birthday, 16, add the two numbers 1 + 6 to find 7.

Add the four numbers of the year to get a single digit, which is 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 21. Because it’s a double-digit number, add the 2 + 1 together to find 3.

Finally, add up the three single digits representing your birth month, day and year to find your life path number. In this example, 3 + 7 + 3 = 13. Because life path numbers are single digits, a final step of adding the 1 + 3 comes to 4.

What Personality Traits Are Associated With Each Number?

A life path reading provides guidance and helps you stay on course as you fulfill your destiny. A talented psychic can explain how a number represents a vital component in a pattern that reflects positive energy or a higher purpose. Through an awareness of what a particular number means at a specific time or place, you can make better decisions and avoid negative energy.

The numerical birthdate example that was shown above reflected a life path number of four. Four represents an organized and responsible individual who excels in a detail-oriented career such as banking. If your number is five, however, you’re more adventurous and may prefer a sales-oriented career.

If your life path number adds up to one, it means you’re a natural leader. Two, however, reflects someone who prefers to work with others and negotiate. Three is reserved for creative or artistic individuals.

Six represents those warm and caring souls who typically prefer to work in health care. Thinkers and religious leaders tend to have a life path number of seven. Visionaries and politicians are eight. If you’re interested in humanitarian or social causes, your life path number is nine.

Numbers are part of a universal language understood by humans living virtually anywhere. You can gain valuable insight by consulting a gifted psychic and learning how numbers impact your personality traits and affect the course of your journey.