Heartwarming Sympathy Gifts for a Friend


When a close personal friend has lost a loved one, and is grieving, your immediate reaction is to give comfort, with words and actions. Finding a verbal expression, in those moments of your friend’s numbness, and overwhelming feelings of loss, is what your heart demands.

If you are near, a hug helps to accentuate words that will be repeated, by others, who like you, want to give comfort. This special person shares your thoughts, hopes, and dreams, and is for you, an incredibly significant human being in your life.

Words, a card, gestures, are kind, but not enough to show that you want to make the hurt subside, even incrementally.

Words are Heard, but Actions are Impactful

You want to show the kind of empathy that lifts the spirits of your friend. Knowing this person very well, your instincts often guide you to take specific actions. These impactful actions will demonstrate the worth and value that this person embodies in your world.

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A special sympathy gift is required. Deep thought and reflection about numerous memories of life shared, will guide you to find the perfect unique, decadent, personalized, or practical gift, which showcases your everlasting support, and loyalty.

Go with “Feels” Gifting – the Recipient’s, Not Your Own

The following suggestions will hopefully assist you with finding the perfect symbol of your heartfelt respect, and concern, for your grieving friend.

Knowing this person on so many levels and relating to their likes, hopes and dreams, which often reflect your own aspirations, it is easy to misstep. You might feel that they would love a spa day, filled with pampering, sauna-sweat, and the comfort of being swaddled in terry cloth and facial scrubs. Is it your friend’s idea of self-care or your own?

Think it through. Use logic, and reflect on conversations held, and memories shared. Have an ah-hah moment, and gift this special recipient with something you know will be enjoyed.

Unique and Artful – a Hanging Glass Raindrop Tealight Holder.

The rain has always been scarce where this person lives, and it is cherished and celebrated when it finally falls to earth. It caused you both to run out and dance in it once. Remind the recipient of those days, and that more will come, with the gift of a hanging glass raindrop tealight holder. Every raindrop is unique, like every human. This droplet shaped Borosilicate glass, heat resistant, lantern, can be hung anywhere. It  is 7 inches in height, and gives the appearance of a liquid in motion, in honor of the beauty of nature. It can be a centerpiece, or hung in a favorite gathering space, inside or out.

A wax or battery operated tealight candle, when inserted, celebrates the shape of its raindrop exterior. The soothing, shadows of a perfect movement and light mixture will add a Zen feel to the environment. The recipient will enjoy it and appreciate the special out-of-the-box characteristics, and beauty.

Truly Decadent – A Gift Basket of Sweet and Savory Cravings

Words are said to feed the spirit, which is an exceptionally good thing. Sympathy gift baskets feed the body and soul. Knowing your friends love of sweet/savory treats, you will give the recipient a heart-felt nod to a movable feast, contained in an overflowing basket of mouthwatering gourmet foods. It will contain your friend’s preferred:

  • Wine
  • Luxury chocolates
  • Hazelnut puff pastry
  • Italian olive twists
  • Honey mustard pretzels
  • Crème brule trail mix
  • French apple crisps
  • Chocolate pecan caramels

This special selection of treats, sent in a beautiful keep-sake basket, will nourish, and pamper the senses, and delight the palate of your dear friend, for many days to come.

Personalization – A Charity Donation Gift to Aid Others  

Your friend may be constantly thinking of their loss, as a traumatizing time. You want to add an element of positivity, which would celebrate the memory of the departed person. Making a donation in the name of their lost loved one is a special gift. The chosen charity held meaning for that person, and was supported by him or her, in life.

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This gift does not come in a box. It honors the worth of each life, even in passing, as a kindness, freely given, to lift up others. Some gifts speak volumes, without words. Your friend will receive a note of thanks, in loving memory of the departed, that can be kept always. The knowledge of this act of caring, will comfort your friend in a way, not imagined by those who do not share this deep friendship.

Practical – The Gift of Meals in Moments of Mourning

Food helps healing begin. Meals will not be long remembered. The caring connectivity that is gained by cooking a meal for someone grieving, is a tangible gift of concern. A knowledge of food allergies, personal preferences, and a special comforting, craved, cuisine, can only come from a close friend.

If you cannot be near, consider giving a gift card for a pre-made food service, or a favored restaurant, which offers delivery service. Adding enough funding to assist with ongoing meals, perpetuates healing, and is a priceless gift to offer with a full heart.

Just Listen, and Be There

You cannot take away the pain of a friend who is grieving. You can be there and listen, ongoing, when they need to talk, cry, or speak about life without the person. If not in the area, you can Zoom or Skype. Just do it. This is a gift, friends always share. It is natural, priceless, and rare.