Follow These Vital Steps After a GrubHub Driver Strikes Your Vehicle

GrubHub Driver Strikes Your Vehicle

GrubHub has a very successful business model. It’s like Uber Eats or Doordash. They all deliver food to hungry families or individuals who might not have time or energy to drive and pick up lunch or dinner themselves.

GrubHub has many tasty options, and it gets the food to you fast in most instances. However, if you’re on the road and a GrubHub driver hits your vehicle, you might wonder what you should do next.

We’ll talk about that right now.

Get Your Car Off the Road

Considering a lawsuit against a GrubHub driver might enter your mind as soon as one of them hits your car. First, though, you must try to get off the road.

Move your car if you can. If you can’t, get out and get off the road, leaving the vehicle there. You must get yourself out of traffic before you do anything else, or another car might hit you.

Call 911

Next, you should call 911. If you have your smartphone on you, you can do that easily enough. Nearly everyone has a smartphone, and you can reach the local 911 dispatcher and tell them what happened.

If you hurt yourself in the accident, let them know that. You can also check and see the GrubHub driver’s condition. If they say they hurt themselves, let the 911 operator know that.

Talk to the Police

If you’re in decent shape and don’t need immediate medical attention, speak with the police when they arrive. You can tell them your name, license plate number, and give them your insurance information. Don’t ever leave the scene before you talk to the police. That’s illegal.

Tell the cops what happened, and don’t leave anything out or embellish the details. You shouldn’t say you or the other driver caused the accident. Those facts will come out during the investigation.

You should also get the GrubHub driver’s contact information. Get their name, insurance information, license plate number, phone number, and any other relevant info. You’ll need all that later.

Drive Your Car to a Mechanic, If You Can

Next, you’ll either go to a hospital if you need medical attention, or you can try driving your car away if you can. If you can’t because it’s too damaged, you might call a tow truck instead.

If you call a tow truck, you might catch a ride to the nearest mechanic. There, you can find out whether they have the parts to repair the vehicle. If they don’t, they might order them.

Maybe they say you totaled the car. If so, you can tell your insurance company that when you talk to them. You might get an Uber or catch a taxi back to your house if you must leave the car with the mechanic for the moment.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you get home, you can call your car insurance company and tell them what happened. You can pass on all the GrubHub driver’s information, including their name, license plate number, etc.

Your insurance company can tell you the next steps. At this point, you can consider whether suing the GrubHub driver makes sense.

Should You Sue the Driver?

If the other driver has insurance and caused the accident, they should pay for your car’s damage, any medical bills, and any other bills you accrue following the wreck. If they say they didn’t cause the accident and won’t pay you any money to cover the damages, you might consider contacting a personal injury attorney at that juncture.

Personal injury lawyers can talk to you about suing the GrubHub driver. That is definitely a viable option if you can prove they caused the crash.

In some instances, you can also sue GrubHub. The driver is an independent contractor, but the company still bears some responsibility.

If you think suing the driver makes sense, and possibly GrubHub as well, you’ll gather evidence proving the other driver caused the crash. Your lawyer can help you. They might have an investigator on their payroll who can locate physical evidence supporting your claim.

They might find witnesses and any useful crash footage that exists. You might use dashboard camera footage, smartphone footage, traffic camera footage, etc.

Your lawyer might get you a large settlement from the GrubHub driver, GrubHub, or both. You might not like going through the lawsuit process, but you must get restitution, and the right attorney can help you do that.