FAQs Answered When Moving to Senior Living with Your Husband

Senior Living with Your Husband
Senior Living with Your Husband

There is an impressive plethora of reasons why choosing to live your golden years within a thriving assisted living community is the best choice for you and your husband; and whether you are currently deciding upon your options, or you are now booking appointments to look around those facilities on your shortlist, this truly is an exciting time for both of you.

As in any situation like this, it may well be the case that there are many questions swimming around in your mind, but when it comes to taking the opportunity to speak to the staff, your mind goes blank.

With that being said, here are the three most common frequently asked questions when considering a move to senior living with your husband.

What Are the Different Options for Couples in Senior Living?

It may well be the case that either you or your husband is starting to need a certain level of care or treatment, whilst the other half requires less or more assistance with day-to-day living.

The changing needs of one or both of you are obviously of primary concern and this is why it is advisable that you elect to move to an assisted living community that offers different levels of care such as memory care in Louisville KY.

Essentially, the four different options for senior living facilities are as follows:

  1. Assisted living
  2. Skilled nursing and long-term care
  3. Memory care
  4. Independent living

How Do We Pay for Senior Living?

There are several viable payment options for couples moving to an independent living community and it is important that you not only familiarize yourself with each one, but also that you and your husband choose the best one for you.

Obviously, finances are the most uninteresting, yet unfortunately necessary, element of the move and it must be said that the vast majority of couples do tend to pay for their move through out-of-pocket funds. Essentially, this means that they pay through private funds, either through retirement plans, savings accounts, the sale of their current house, a remortgage on their current house, or through various investments.

What is an Average Day Like in a Senior Living Community?

Understandably, this question does not have a “one-size-fits-all” answer and essentially depends on two key factors: the level of care you receive in an assisted living facility; and also what you want it to be like.

If you and your husband are moving to an independent living community, then your average day will basically be similar to where you were living before—just without the stresses and responsibilities of bills and household maintenance.

As a couple making the exciting move to senior living, your days are free to do exactly what you want, and one day, you could join a group of fellow residents for a day out to a local art gallery, museum, movie theater, or take in a show—or simply choose to settle down in your new home together with a good book.