How to design your dining room right

How to design your dining room right

The perfect dining experience comes with a great ambience and good conversation, this is a mantra you’ll want to adopt when redoing your dining room or hunting for inspiration. Think of your dining space as you would a meal, spiced up enough to spark intrigue and conversation. Of course you’d only need to throw in a table and a couple of chairs to have a dining room, however, that delicious pot roast would work anyone’s appetite when paired with a stunning view, a crackling fireplace or a chic backdrop. There are thousands of overwhelming tips on how best to design a dining room but here’s all you’ll need to know.

  1. Assess your space

The essence of any dining room is to have a decent space to sit down for your meals although this may slightly differ for every household. For starters, you will have to determine the functionality of your dining room; understand the purpose of your space. Are you looking to have intimate family dinners or formal hosting? Details like your floor plans and house designs will dictate a lot of your choices. So before you drool over that farmhouse dining set up find out if it’ll go well with your house.

  1. Find a focal point

Typically, your table must be the major attraction point, the entire dining room  is arranged around this. Your dining room décor will be integrated into this centerpiece; the table, so it has to stand out. Placing your table in the middle of the room will do the trick, that stunning oak wood slab would be hard to miss. Essentially, you’d want to have your dinner guests as the main focus, so centering your table in the middle of the room will balance out everything else.

  1. Customize furniture

Tailor-made furniture for your dining room area will definitely be an eye-catcher. There’s nothing wrong with store furniture brands but if you love exceptional and unique then customized furniture is the way to go.  Yes, custom furniture could cost you a pretty dime, although once you take in that stunning round dining table or accent chairs beautifully displayed in your dining area, it will all be worth it.

  1. Reflect personality

Your dining room doesn’t have to be a bland space where you have your meals, sprinkle a little personality to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Besides, nothing says home like a few personalized items that resonate with you. You don’t have to conform to cookie-cutter dining setups from magazines, incorporate décor that speaks to you. Pull out that favorite painting you’ve been stacking away, or better yet take a little trip to that vintage store you love so much.

  1. Get the right lighting

A good light fixture can really change the entire dining room outlook. Take your time and shop for the perfect lighting to suit your style. Whether you’re into dark and moody atmospheres at dinner, or simply bright illuminated spaces you can always land a beautiful chandelier to bring the whole look together. The thing with the lighting is that it brings a room to life, casting shadows and echoing shapes drawing attention to those details others may somewhat miss. So the right lighting will gorgeously accentuate your dining area.

  1. Mix and match

What if you could pick out two of your favorite colors from that color palette? Designing your dining room doesn’t have to be limiting. Play around with colors, textures and patterns and watch them blend out to be the perfect match. We all love a little chaos, so don’t shy away from that zebra print runner you adore so much because it might actually go well with your beige chairs. A little contrast in your dining room décor and finishing can be tasteful and it gives the space lived-in feeling.

There’s no definite science behind designing your dream dining room space. Most top of the list interior designers vouch for going with what feels right to you. Maybe you feel the furniture store in the Houston Katy area has a much better selection of furniture than the Dallas area; again, it all depends on what feels right to you. Frankly,  everyone has different tastes and putting protocol into creating the spaces that are so dear to us would be boring to say the least. It’s best to try and envision every element of your perfect dining room down to the details sorting through every aspect of it. Determine the style, color schemes, prints and textures you’d like to experiment with and take your first leap. Whether it’s a modern, chic, industrial or traditional set up you’re going for, an exceptionally designed dining room will always leave an impression.