Commonly Misunderstood Facts About Erosion


Erosion is more common than you probably think. Your garden could be a victim of it. With many myths about this problem, it can be hard to determine fact from fiction. Here are the truths about misunderstands regarding this problem. That can help you decide how to correct your erosion issues.

1. It Only Occurs In Really Dry or Wet Places

Erosion comes in multiple forms and affects a variety of places. Water-based problems are widespread in coastal regions. Additionally, rain-based water erosion is prevalent in all climates. That is because the soil cannot absorb all of the water. Therefore, an area floods, and then runoff carries away topsoil.

2. You Can Only Control It By Planting Grass or Greenery

This is just plain false. There are plenty of erosion solutions out there. For example, you can find a lot of erosion barriers that work temporarily if you want to plant on the dirt. More permanent solutions can also prevent wind and water erosion without greenery.

3. Few Erosion Control Solutions Work

Places that see dramatic weather changes need substantial erosion solutions. While there are erosion control solutions that might not work in these areas, there are plenty that covers the soil, control runoff, and allow you to use the dirt. That said, some areas are more vulnerable than others. In these cases, you may not be able to use the land for agricultural purposes due to erosion solutions. However, many solutions can allow you to plant crops or graze animals.

4. It Will Just Move Your Soil Around

Runoff doesn’t just move your soil; it can rob you entirely of it. If your dirt is being washed several properties down, across the road, across rail lines, or into a wash or river, you should consider looking into drainage services to stop this issue.

There are a lot of effective methods to control erosion. You can find temporary solutions. You can also find more permanent solutions that don’t involve greenery and grass. All of these will prevent you from losing soil due to runoff. That will allow you to grow your dream garden and keep your mature topsoil in place.