Electric Problems are one of the most important things in a home that need to be solved as soon as we can.

We use electricity for many activities at home like operating electric appliances, cooking, bathing, heating and Many more. Therefore, we should be aware of any problem related to the electric connection at home.

Electricity is such a thing that can help us to do our activities faster and easier, however- if not handled properly, Electricity can be fatal. Many of us may have experienced a small electric shock. This shows the power of electricity. This makes us more cautious about handling electric equipment.

We might face different problems like faulty connection, short circuit, blast of bulbs, high voltage and Many more in our home. These are some common problems that may happen at any time. We shouldn’t ignore them saying they are common. Sometimes, these problems become very dangerous to deal with. Therefore, It is best to know some information about these problems.

If electric problems in the home occur frequently, then we should call an expert. If you are in Australia, You can call an amazing expert in this field from electricians in Cronulla such as Mr Switch.

Here, In this article, we are going to discuss some common electrical problems that we might face at any time in our home. The Problems listed are very important to learn by every common man. This knowledge can make your life a bit easier and smarter. Let’s start. 

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List Of  Electric Problems In Home

  • Electric Shock

This is one of the major problems. It can be too dangerous at some point. Generally, We get an electric shock by touching naked wire carrying current or during the use of faulty electric equipment. If you see any naked wire, you should wrap it with insulators. If the electrical equipment is old, then we should replace them with a new one.  If the problem of electric shock is happening frequently you should call an electric expert to inspect all wiring of the home.

  • Electric Surges

Electric surge is the sudden flow of high electric current in an outlet that can damage many electrical pieces of equipment connected to that outlet. The electrical surges generally last for some microsecond.

The can be many causes of electric Surges. It may be due to power grid switching in an electric company or even due to lightning during storms. Electric Surges sudden power cut in our home.

Electric Surges can damage our electric equipment like TV, fridge, laptops, mobiles. So- It is better to turn off all these things during lightning and thunderstorm. 

Sometimes, It may be due to fault wire connections in the home or due to the use of Outdated electric equipment which need more power. In this case, It is better to call an electric expert.

  • Too Bright And Too Low Light Glowing

Sometimes, we see some light in glow brighter and some glow dimmer in the same house. The difference may be created due to the difference in power of bulbs themselves. If it is not the cause, It may be due to problem in the mainboard or faulty wiring in a home.

  • Burnout Of Bulbs

Burnout of Bulbs means the light of bulb goes out by itself. There are different causes of burnout. If you buy an old or faulty bulb that has some defect on it, then it may burnout.

Other Problems are related to electric connection, such as high voltage, bad main circuit board connection, a loose connection between bulb and fixture, Fixture vibration if it is connected with fan. These are some of the reasons for burnout. If it is happening frequently, then you should call an electric expert.

  • Not Working Of Switches

Sometimes, Our switches don’t work as they are meant to. This may be due to the use of poor quality material. When wiring becomes too old, then switch doesn’t work properly or there may be a problem in connection. That’s, why we should call an electrician to check if there is any problem and change the switch with a new one.

  • High Electricity Bill

High electricity bill is another common problem that may be faced by almost any homeowners. It is very difficult to pay the high electric bill on regular basis. Therefore, we should be aware of making the bill low.

We can use different ways to reduce our electricity bill. We can avoid the use of large electric equipment that needs high electric power to operate. We should make habit of turning off all the switches of they are not in use. Using cold water instead of electrically heated water can save a lot of energy and reduce our electricity bill.

Sometimes, our electric meter can be defective. When we try all methods to reduce electric bills and even if it is not working, then we should call an expert to inspect the connection and our meter box.

  • Short-circuit

A short circuit occurs when there is very low resistance in a circuit from which a high amount of current flows rather than the intended path. This may be due to loose wires, worn out of insulation of wires and faulty connection. A short circuit can create blackout at home. Therefore, we should use quality wiring infuses. Problems such as this should be relayed back to the electricians in Sydney, or where ever the region you are from.

  • Flickering Of Bulbs

Everybody has experienced flickering of eyelids. Like eyelids, bulbs also flickers sometimes. This may be due to old and poor quality bulb. Other reasons that may be responsible for the flickering Of Bulbs are -Loose connection with the fixture, faulty wiring and bad filament. Sometimes, this may cause fire, so it is better to call an expert.

Final Verdict

Thus- We should be very aware of the electric problems that occur in our home. Sometimes, they may cause fire and some time- They may cause electric shock and take the life of a person. Therefore, we should regularly check our electric connection and equipment in our home for our safety. We can also call an expert for the electric inspection of a house once in 2 months.