A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Making Kratom Chocolate

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    A box of chocolate is one of the best ways to have a taste of something sweet and delicious. Besides elevating your moods and enjoying the sweetness, you can gain more from it.  This is possible by adding Kratom to your chocolate.

    A bar of Kratom chocolate can be simple to make; all you need is the right ingredients to help you achieve the desired chocolate bar. Besides that, you should understand how to choose the right Kratom powder for the job and in the right quantities. Here is a simple guideline to make a bar of Kratom chocolate from the comfort of your home.

    What types of Kratom do you need for your chocolate

    The Kratom powder to add to the mixture should depend on your desired Kratom benefits. There are different strains of Kratom available, and each offers different benefits. Ensure you select the most potent strain to deliver the desired effects. You can select varieties from the following strains below:

    Red Kratom

    This Kratom strain is popular for its sedative effects. If you are looking for a remedy for insomnia, you can use this strain as an ingredient. It is perfect if consumed before you head to bed as it will help you deal with any sleep discomfort and other side effects of insomnia. You can also use it when you need to relax, especially after a long duration of heavy and demanding tasks.

    White Kratom

    This strain is highly potent for boosting focus and moods. It is perfect for mid or early-morning chocolate snacks to boost your energy for the day’s work. Moreover, it can also be a perfect ingredient for morning Kratom drinking chocolate. White Kratom can also be conducive for dealing with the afternoon jobs that require focus and attention.

    Green Kratom

    It is a universal strain that offers the effects delivered by both white and red Kratom. It offers a variety of benefits such as relaxing, focusing, boosting moods, and dealing with insomnia. If you need to deal with multiple issues, you can go for tested White Sumatra to deal with conditions such as pain relief, relaxation, insomnia, and many more.

    What are the benefits of Kratom chocolate?

    There are various ways of taking Kratom; one of them happens to be Kratom chocolate. Chocolate has various benefits to the body. Both chocolate and Kratom are alkaloids and have impacts on the brain. The combination creates a perfect pair to boost brain activities and work synergistically to boost neurotransmitters and facilitate the production of the hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

    Kratom has a unique taste, and some people find it difficult to consume due to the taste. This sometimes makes it difficult to mix with fluids such as Kratom tea. One of the best ways to take it is to add some sweetener, and a chocolate bar or pellet is one of the best sweeteners.

    A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Making Kratom Chocolate
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    Making Kratom Chocolate


    • 1 cup of coconut oil.
    • 2 cups of organic and unsweetened cocoa powder.
    • Honey/sugar.
    • Kratom powder.


    • Simmer the coconut oil on medium heat in a saucepan until it melts.
    • Add honey and vanilla extract and stir gently until it mixes uniformly.
    • Add some Kratom to the melted coconut oil.
    • Heat the mixture to temperatures of about 212 degrees or below.
    • Pour the mixture into a separate bowl, add non-sweetened cocoa powder, and mix with a whisk.
    • You can add them at this stage for those who love additional ingredients such as cinnamon, powdered coffee grounds, cayenne, and any other powdered ingredients.
    • While whisking the ingredients, you can add sugar or honey until you achieve the desired taste.
    • After that, you can put the mixture in chocolate molds and then in a freezer.
    A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Making Kratom Chocolate
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    A simpler way to make Kratom chocolates

    There is a simpler way of making the Kratom chocolates, which involves buying ready chocolate bars or pellets. All you need to do is simply melt it and then add some Kratom to it.

    A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Making Kratom Chocolate
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    • You can also add some lecithin if the bar or the pellets do not have it.
    • After adding the Kratom, mix it uniformly using a mixer, you can also use a hand whisk, but a mixer would be perfect for the job.
    • After mixing, pour it into a chocolate mold, then put the mixture in a freezer or a fridge.

    Precautions while making the Kratom chocolate bars

    You should be cautious about the amount of Kratom you add to the mixture. This ensures you avoid overdosing. The amount to add should depend on the number of chocolate bars you plan to eat, and it should also comply with the dosage guidelines. If you are using coconut oil, then it is advisable to use 125grams of Kratom powder for every cup of coconut oil you use.

    If you use already manufactured chocolate bars or pellets, you do not need to add more sugar to the mixture. Note that excess sugar levels may limit the potency of Kratom and interfere with the taste of the chocolate.

    Bottom line

    Making Kratom chocolate should be an art; you can play around with different ingredients and procedures. You can also use different ingredients; instead of coconut oil, one would prefer to use butter; still, you will get the same result.