A Quick Guide On How to Choose Jewelry For Kids


    When looking for meaningful gifts, giving someone a piece of jewelry is thoughtful and meaningful. Finding a well-crafted piece means considering a lot of things. Take the same effort when looking for jewelry fitting for children in case you’re giving one as a gift.

    As you look for accessories for children, keep a watchful eye for the following factors. Today, we look at the steps and considerations to help spot the best accessories for children and have them ready as a meaningful gift. Read on and learn more:

    Why Go for Children’s Jewelry?

    When looking for beautiful gifts, jewelry and accessories are the standout options available. It works as a wonderful gift they will learn to treasure.

    It also fits as a starter fashion accessory. It lets them form a style they can develop as they grow.

    It also puts up other things as well since it can be a meaningful gift. It carries emotional weight and thought into the piece, making them see the value of the item at a young age.

    In a more fitting sense, jewelry works perfectly as a gift for daughter. However, it can also work to some degree for your sons.

    Factors to Note Before Giving Jewelry

    Before going to the jewelry store or any accessory boutique, consider a few factors concerning your child. In this case, it boils down to the timing.

    Check their Age

    A safe age bracket when gifting jewelry and accessories for children is between ages 12 and 14. However, it can go higher than that, so ages 12 to 14 are the safer option. Sometimes, you can give these jewelry pieces to children as young as eight years old.

    There is a caveat to this rule. We’ll discuss the reason in the following section.

    Check their Awareness and Understanding of Gifts

    Determine whether the child understands the concept of gifts and the responsibility that accompanies them. When they understand the meaning of receiving a piece of jewelry, age would no longer matter. It means they’re ready to receive a precious gift and cherish it for years to come.

    We mentioned how ages 12 to 14 are a safe spot since they’ll likely understand the weight of receiving jewelry as gifts. At that age, they would also see the inherent value of the jewelry. It doesn’t always apply, so always evaluate your child beforehand.

    What to Look for in Jewelry

    When going for a jewelry hunt with your child, take note of specific factors. Receiving jewelry makes them feel older and more responsible. Despite this, children can also be unpredictable.

    Children have this tendency to change interests on the fly. The change occurs daily. Before scouting those wonderful pieces, check out these pointers to know what to look for when giving such a beautiful and meaningful gift. It ensures your child won’t reject their gift and waste your money.

    Safety in Design

    Safety is the first consideration to note when looking at the design of the piece. It ensures that children wearing these won’t injure themselves in the process. We’ll go through the suggested jewelry items later, with these considerations in mind.

    Materials Used

    Check the material used on the accessory. These can come in stainless steel and gold, along with a few others. Aside from the tastes of your child, also make sure that these pieces use hypoallergenic materials.

    Size, Length, and Thickness

    You also need to look at the size and thickness of the piece. For instance, ring sizes may need some adjustments and resizing to suit the size of the ring finger.

    Certain metals offer different types of thickness. For example, sterling silver jewelry pieces are often thicker when compared to gold or other metals.

    For necklaces and bracelets, you might need to set the length of the chain that would work well for your child. Look through your preferred store’s options to find other features for your child’s necklace.

    Jewelry Suggestions

    When picking, remember to make the gift meaningful and sensible. It makes a beautiful gift worth keeping, especially for children. As you shop through the Kids Jewelry Store, consider these suggestions for the items.

    Stud Earrings

    Stud earrings offer a stylish design while maintaining simplicity. With children’s playful and energetic tendencies, studs ensure it doesn’t snag anything accidentally. They’re also easier to wear, making them desirable for children always on the go.

    For style, consider going with birthstones. It’s a conversation starter, allowing you to talk about the meaning of their birthstone. You can also go with a basic metal stud if you want things to be simpler.


    Necklaces offer versatility since you can choose to either wear them as a chain or add a pendant. For it, you can have pendant designs such as birthstones and charms. These can come in different designs, such as cute animals or leaves.

    Friendship Charm Bracelets

    Friendship bracelets come in many styles. You can go with the woven design using string for a DIY design. You can also go for a chain design to make it shiny.

    Put charms to make the design unique while maintaining style. These charms work in the same thoughtful design as pendants, making them versatile. You can go for cute beads or initials.


    When you think about it, a timepiece can work as an heirloom. Changing out the straps can add a certain versatility to the size. It’s both intricate and functional.

    They can start with watches at a young age just as any of the other jewelry options.

    Ready to Look for Lovely Accessories for Children

    When checking out accessories for children, make sure they’re both safe and meaningful. Make these pieces worth keeping as they would cherish this as they grow up. Your children will thank you for it.

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