8 Ways to Retain Your Employees


One of the keys to a successful business is retaining good employees. If your employees are in and out of the business like yo-yos, it can be difficult to maintain a recipe for success.

Employees need to be satisfied by the job they’re doing and rewarded for hard work in order to stay. So, how do you retain your employees and keep a low turnover rate?

1. Find the Right People

One of the best things you can do when it comes to hiring employees is perfect your interview skills. To find the right people to hire, you need to be asking the right questions and looking for the right skills.

People who enjoy their job and have the opportunity to advance are much more likely to stay within the same company. Look for people who fit the role and have a passion for what the role entails.

2. Settle Employees In

Too often, businesses hire employees, sit them at a desk and expect them to get on with it. This method often means that it takes employees some time to get to grips with what is expected of them and even longer to reach standards of excellence.

If employees are properly introduced to how the business works and given a support system from the start, it takes less time for them to reach set goals. Additionally, it means that they feel secure in their role and know where to turn when there are problems.

3. Keep Employees Engaged

It’s important that employees feel like an integral part of the business. After all, success wouldn’t be possible without them. Employees should feel appreciated for their work and spurred on to achieve more. When employees feel like part of a winning team, they’re more likely to want to stay a part of that team.

Mistakes are likely to happen often but employees should know that they won’t be punished for them. Instead, focus on further training or support to help employees reach acceptable standards.

4. Employee Incentives

Every employee wants to work in an environment that offers good rewards for good work. It could be anything from supplying fresh coffee in the break room to paying for lunch on Fridays or offering cash bonuses for surpassing a certain goal.

The little details are important when it comes to employee retention. Why not calculate turnover rate for your business and think about some things you could do to reward your employees.

5. Pay Well

Your employees are entitled to be paid what they’re worth. If your competitors are paying employees more, what’s to stop your employees from jumping ship? You should be paying your employees as well as you can afford to.

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You can also consider raising your employees pay check based on how much time they have spent with the company. That gives employees an incentive for staying with the business longer.

6. Avoid Favoritism

All employees should be treated equally. It’s difficult for other employees to feel as valued if one or two members of the team are favored by managers. As soon as you see someone do good work, praise them for it. Similarly, as soon as you see someone need help, offer support and training.

If employees notice their colleagues getting something they aren’t it gives them more reason to look for another job elsewhere. Even if you’re closer to some of your employees than others, don’t treat them differently in public.

7. Check In Regularly

Employees like to know you’re there for them. Checking in on your employees regularly will give you a greater insight into what’s going on inside and outside of the business. For example, if you know one of your employees is going through a tough time at home, you can offer support when it’s needed.

Regular reviews are also important. You should always know how your employees are feeling about their workload, if an employee is looking for a new challenge or if an employee is struggling. You should have an open door policy so employees can always feel free to get feedback.

8. Invest In Employees

Employees know their worth when you’re willing to spend money on them. It doesn’t have to be huge amounts but investing in your employees is investing in your company’s future. It could be anything from providing an ergonomic office chair for comfort to new computer monitors.

There are also plenty of training opprtunities that could help your workforce do things to a higher standard in a quicker time frame. Training courses online don’t cost much and won’t take your employees out of the office, so you aren’t paying for face-to-face costs or travel expenses.

Why It’s So Important to Retain Your Employees

When you retain your employees, you won’t spend half as much money as you would having to hire in new staff. Employees that stay with your business will grow with your business and many people think of it as being part of a ‘work family’.

When you have loyal employees, you’ll avoid the headache of interviews, hiring and introducing new employees to the business. You won’t have to wait for new employees to catch up with everyone else. Employees that understand your business can add real value and innovation to it over the years.

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