7 Simple Tips to Help Prevent Pests


    The Giant Huntsman Spider is over a foot in diameter and packs a venomous bite. It is only one of the many creepy crawlies found around Australian homes. Learning how to prevent pests helps your peace of mind.

    You deserve better than to sleep in the middle of a home infestation. You have some pest solutions at your disposal that you can use to make things better. Learn a few of them with this handy guide.

    Here, we outline 7 simple tips to help prevent pests in your home. Learn all of them so you can live in a healthy, clean environment. You should feel comfortable when you get home, not grossed out.

    1. Be Careful With Food and Drinks

    Crumbs dropped food, and sticky stains will all attract pests. Ants, mice, and other creepy crawlers are drawn to your food waste. Try not to spill anything and if you do clean it up right away to avoid getting an infestation.

    You also may want to make simple rules such as no eating in bed. That way, if you do accidentally drop some food at least pests won’t infest the room where you sleep.

    2. Store Food Correctly

    Don’t leave opened bags of food in your cupboards. Things like booklice, roaches, and other pests love getting into your food items. Try to store food in airtight containers to dissuade the intrusion of pests.

    3. Take Out the Trash to Prevent Pests

    A smelly trash can is a huge buffet for many types of pests. Try to take out the trash whenever it gets full to avoid attracting them.

    4. Seal up Cracks in Your Home

    Any entranceway such as a crack in the bottom of your floor is an opportune place for a pest to come into your home. Caulk every pest entranceway into your home and do proper maintenance so pests have no way to enter.

    5. Get Regular Inspections

    Calling a professional pest control company to inspect your home on an annual or bi-annual basis is the best way to catch a pest problem early. A thorough inspection by a professional is your best pest prevention tool.

    6. Set Bait Traps

    The best bug prevention method you have is to set baited traps in areas of your home where you have noticed bugs before. Only do this if you notice an existing bug problem.

    7. Remove Vegetation Around Your Home

    Vegetation such as bushes or trees against your home are a great pest entryway. So are things like woodpiles. Make sure to clear a perimeter around your home to dissuade pests.

    Know How to Prevent Pests

    Learning how to prevent pests is not too difficult if you have the right information. The seven tips in this guide are a great way to ensure your home remains pest-free.

    Use the information in this guide to prevent a pest problem before it takes root. When you are out of your league, call in a professional exterminator. For other great information like this make sure to check out our blog!