6 Steps To Planning Your Dream Cruise


    Sometimes we just need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. One of the most popular choices is to head out on a cruise.

    If you’re in the market for a seaside adventure, here is what you’ll need to know when planning your dream cruise.

    • Plan Your Budget

    Cruises are usually relatively inexpensive compared to other vacation options. But before you set sail, you’ll want to have a budget in mind. There are additional costs that come with a cruise.

    You may want to opt-in for an all-inclusive meal and alcoholic beverage package. Or you might want to have a little extra spending cash for exploring the exotic locations your cruise will stop at along the way.

    Don’t forget to account for tipping, taxes, and other service fees depending on where you’re going. Have a clear budget in mind before booking your trip.

    • Think About Transportation

    Transportation to and from the port is going to be essential. Parking your car at the port is usually an extra expense that isn’t worthwhile. Instead, it’s better to use cruise transfers.

    That way, you can schedule a time to get picked up and dropped off worrying about being late, regardless of the size of your party.

    • Choose Your Destination

    The best thing about cruises is they can take you anywhere in the world you want to go. There are elaborate ships that can take you to Alaska or throughout a European adventure.

    Keep in mind that where you want to go will impact the price. The farther away your journey takes you, the longer and more expensive it’ll be.

    Determining where you intend to go will also impact the potential flights you may need to book. If you want to take a cruise to the Bahamas, you may need to book an additional flight that brings you to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale (another cost to consider).

    • Pick Your Cruise Line Carefully

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when planning a cruise is choosing the wrong company. Every cruise line offers a different experience and can impact how much you’ll get out of the cruise.

    Disney cruises are great for families. But if you’re a young couple wanting to have a romantic getaway, it might not be the right fit. Think about what you want your experience to be like.

    Do you want to see a show or do some gambling? Are you looking for live music entertainment or simply a place to relax?

    Some of the most popular cruise lines are Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival. This is because they end up being some of the most affordable while offering a wide variety of onboard entertainment for many different age ranges.

    More luxury cruise companies, like Virgin Voyages, are more expensive but offer a more elite experience aboard their ships.

    • Decide On Your Cabin

    Another factor in price depends on what type of cabin you want. A standard room with a bed and no windows might sound fine because you don’t plan on spending a lot of time in the room.

    But for some people, having the full experience of looking out the window at the open sea in a spacious room might be a better fit. Some cruise lines offer different amenities and perks in their upper-class cabins.

    Things like priority check-in or reserved seating in their entertainment spaces make the room upgrade feel like you’re getting a lot more than just a bigger bed.

    • Book Your Cruise Early

    Since the COVID-19 global pandemic took place, cruises have looked a lot different. Costs have increased and precautionary measures might be different depending on where you want to go.

    Your best bet is to book your cruise as far in advance as possible. That way, if you have to make special arrangements like having additional COVID test results or needing to book flights, you’ll have time to sort out the fine details.


    Planning a cruise might sound simple in theory. A few clicks of a button and you’re on your way. But there are a lot of other factors to consider during the planning process.

    Give yourself enough time to sort everything out. Most importantly, don’t forget to budget. This will impact where you want to go, when you intend to leave, and all of the experiences you get to have along your voyage.