6 Common Hookah Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Hookah mistake

Did you know that one study found that 79.6% of hookah users are between 12 and 17?

Hookah is currently a prevalent time, and it’s no surprise. The aroma, the flavors–it all adds up to an excellent experience. That is, as long as you know what you’re doing.

If you’re a novice, you may make common hookah mistakes that could hurt your experience. We’ll discuss a few of these today so you can keep your hookah sessions running smoothly.

1. Not Using Quality Charcoal

The charcoal needs to be of good quality to ensure that it does not contaminate the flavor of the hookah. High-quality charcoal has a more muscular burn and will last longer, yielding better flavor from the hookah. It is also essential to avoid using cheap, quick-light charcoal as it can produce toxic smoke.

To avoid this mistake, use natural lump or coconut hookah charcoal. They are made without chemicals, easy to light, and resistant to sparks.

2. Not Cleaning your Hookah Properly and Regularly

Not cleaning your hookah correctly and regularly is a widespread mistake; you can avoid it at all costs. All hoses should be washed or replaced depending on how often they have been used, and all parts should be dried with a cloth. Consider changing your Alpaca hookah bowls to maximize your experience.

3. Not Controlling Air Flow When Smoking

Getting the right amount of smoke into the lungs is impossible without proper airflow control. To get the best smoking experience, the airflow must be adjusted depending on the smoking style – light sips should use a larger airflow setting than single hard sips.

To change the airflow, you must cover the blowhole on the hookah’s base while squeezing the hose to control the amount of smoke entering the lungs. Controlling the airflow will help improve the flavor and overall smoking experience.

4. Using Poor-Quality Flavoring Products

Not only will these products contain harmful chemicals, but they will also provide a severely bad hookah experience. To ensure a safe, enjoyable hookah experience, use different hookah flavors products from reliable hookah vendors. Be aware of artificial sweeteners, food colorings, and preservatives that might be present in lower-quality products, as these items can negatively affect your hookah session.

5. Overpacking the Hookah Bowls

This makes it difficult to draw consistently and can even cause the heat of the charcoal to struggle to reach the tobacco, thus leading to a burned taste. To avoid this mistake, you should always measure tobacco portions with your fingers and pack them gently, keeping them loose, not too thick, and slightly indented for better airflow.

6. Too Much Heat

This can lead to the tobacco being excessively hot, causing the shisha to burn quickly and ruin the flavor, as well as giving the smoker a harsh, unpleasant taste. To avoid this mistake, you can place the coals in the charcoal tray above the bowl, monitor them throughout the session, and adjust as necessary to keep the heat level consistent. It is important to know how to smoke hookahs.

Understanding Common Hookah Mistakes

Overall, the most common hookah mistakes are easily avoided. With the proper preparation, you can ensure a smoother, more consistent, and enjoyable smoking experience with every hookah session. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you take your hookah smoking skills to the next level.

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